Republican committeewoman, Lower Makefield resident appointed by Gov. Corbett to state commission for women

Anne Chapman, a retired corporate executive, takes the oath of office as a new member of the Pennsylvania Commission for Women. (Photo by Petra Chesner Schlatter)

MORRISVILLE – Anne Chapman (R) was sworn in as a member of the Pennsylvania Commission for Women by Magisterial District Judge Michael Burns in his chambers on July 31.

Gov. Tom Corbett (R) appointed her to the post on July 16. “Please accept my best wishes for success in your responsibilities and appreciation for your dedicated service to the Commonwealth,” he wrote in a letter to Chapman.

Chapman, who is running to be state representative in the 31st legislative district, said she is “honored and delighted to accept this position.”

She said the commission is charged with supporting programs that will help women and girls in Pennsylvania “to help make Pennsylvania a more successful state.”

About women’s issues in this country, she said “jobs for women are important in this economy. I’ve talked to many women while I’ve campaigned for office that have lost their positions and many men as well.”

Chapman is concerned about “young girls who may be living in poverty situations may not be focused as much on education. It is a key success factor e that women be educated properly — and also be educated in a way that will provide income for their families later in life.”

She said there are still a lot of women who need to have education.

“Support of the family is also important and any help that successful businesswomen can give to those women and girls is also something that will go a long way to foster even more opportunity for women,” she said.

Chapman said she would like to see the commission focus on these issues “in greater detail than they already do.”

Women’s roles were much different when she was growing up in the 1960s. “I grew up in that era when at the time most women were housewives unless they were teachers or nurses,” she said. “I think as time has progressed, women have become more aware that they have other options particularly in business.”

She said she considers herself an example of an independent woman. ”I put myself through school and actually worked in the business world,” she said. “I achieved a level of success.”

Chapman, who is retired, was vice president of VPMR, a marketing consulting company focused on healthcare.

She was a consultant and account management to the healthcare industry making recommendations for projects to address their marketing research needs for their brands.

She has three adult children, who were raised in Bucks County and attended Council Rock and Pennsbury Schools.

“I also am the proud grandmother of three grandchildren,” Chapman said.

Chapman has over 30 years in the heathcare industry in sales, sales management and consulting

She earned her bachelors of business administration in 1979 from Ursinus College in Collegeville.

Chapman was active in the Lower Makefield Township GOP as a committee woman for North 5, served as the BC executive for N5 and N6, and headed the issues and messages committee on the Lower Makefield Township leadership team.

For now, she's looking forward to her first commission meeting in Harrisburg next week.

“I will meet my peers as well as get an understanding of what the overall mission is and what the tactical goals are,” she said. “I’m looking forward to serving and of course I thank Gov. Corbett for appointing me to this position.

Originally published Friday, August 3.

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