In a sport dominated by big men, Council Rock South’s Jack Rebholz stands tall. Though under six feet in height, the Golden Hawk’s point guard can take over a game with his sharp shooting, deft passing and selfless team attitude.

Jack, who earned all league honors his junior year, offers a very accurate self-appraisal of his skills. “The best part of my game is probably my ability to make a play happen, either scoring myself or helping my teammates score, or forcing a turnover. Just creating a big switch in momentum in a game.”

The senior sharpshooter relishes hitting shots from beyond the arc. “If I had a choice I’d take a three pointer. I’d try to create enough space to get a good shot off, take a three and put the game away.’

Jack’s ability was definitely on display in The Golden Hawks historic win over Abington in the opening round of the district playoffs. It was South’s first ever home district playoff victory and their first tournament appearance in four seasons.

The Hawks approached the game with a positive frame of mind. “The big difference in this and other games was we all were really locked on the game. We always have been but it was a little bit extra last night (February 14th).This team is a really fun team. We really love going at it. We make each other work hard in practice. We don’t let each other have it easy.”

In addition to desire the Golden Hawks had a sound game plan for taking on the three time district champs. “We knew they weren’t a half court basketball team. They want to run out in transition and score at the rim. The way they play is driving to the board. We tried to make them shoot over us. The next job was to box out and go grab the rebound. I think we did a great job of that all night.”

South jumped out to a 9-2 lead and then finished the first quarter up 17-9.. Jack and his longtime sidekick Mike Stewart fueled the drive. Stewart contributed nine points and Rebholz buried a pair of threes. The dual performance came as no surprise to the Hawk fan base. “Stewart and I have been playing together since fourth grade on travel teams growing up. Our chemistry has really connected. We have a real connection on the court.”

The Golden Hawks did not fare as well in the second and third quarter as Abington climbed back into the game. The Ghosts narrowed the margin to 37 to 31 by the end of the third period. South didn’t despair. “We just had a rough quarter but we believed we won the half. In the third quarter they did take a lead but we always say, ‘Just keep playing.’”

The final frame belonged to the Golden Hawks as they went on a 25-10 tear to ice the 62-41 win. Jack sparked the attack with a three pointer and a 2-for2 effort from the foul line. Stewart connected on 5-of-7 from the charity stripe. Kevin McNamee, who did a praiseworthy job battling under the boards, added seven points to the Hawks cause.

The entire team played clutch basketball with each person knowing his role. Jack’s was clearly defined. “ I’m a point guard. My responsibility for South is I have to do a lot of scoring. For teams in the past I’ve been more of a role player, especially my sophomore year. Last year I took a big scoring role. At Council Rock we are a good team and we all know our role. My role is to create for myself and for others.”

The historic victory granted South one of its prime preseason goals. “We wanted a home playoff win. It was good to have that happen. We felt we deserved that home game. It was a great feeling to be able to do that as a team. We did want to win our league. We weren’t able to do that because Bensalem played great all year. Getting to the state tournament was our other goal.”

The big win sends the Golden Hawks into a second round match-up with Methacton, the top district seed. “We’re just taking it one game at a time. Obviously we are the underdogs going into that game. We’re going to use that to fuel us up.”

Win or lose, the Hawks have at least two shots to make the state playoffs. With Jack in control their chances are pretty good.

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