HARRISBURG >> Despite a strong recommendation on August 6 by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to cancel high school sports until at least Jan. 1, the PIAA announced Friday, August 7 it intends to go ahead with the fall season.

Or at least that's the case for now because the PIAA also announced it will hold another meeting in two weeks, at which point the subject of fall sports is sure to come up again.

The following is a portion of PIAA press release:

"On Aug. 21 the board will reconvene. Between now and then the voluntary workouts, per the Governor's guidance for all sports, and with local approval may continue.

"Mandatory fall sports activities are paused for the two-week period. The PIAA remains committed to providing a season for each of the sports during the 2020-2021 school year.''

Truth be told, the PIAA can afford to more or less punt the ball for two weeks because much of the state has already announced it is pushing back its fall sports.

Under the original football schedule, formal practice was to have started on August 10 with regular-season games to start the last weekend of August.

This time frame became moot for most of the teams in Lower Bucks County when the Suburban One League announced on Wednesday it is delaying the start of the football season until the first week of October.

Without going into the full details of the PIAA press release, the basic gist of it was shutting down the fall sports season would do more harm than good for student-athletes.

"The board believes the governor's strong recommendation to delay sports to Jan. 1 has a potential negative impact on the students' physical, social, emotional and mental health,'' the PIAA said.

Critics of this decision will point out shutting down fall sports would also have a very negative impact on the PIAA itself because without sports its very existence becomes meaningless.

On the other hand, supporters will claim there's no reason to shut down sports until it becomes apparent it's the only alternative because of COVID-19.

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