WHY do we still have virtually no COVID vaccine in Bucks County?

WHY are our legislators forced to introduce legislation to ensure the vaccine gets distributed according to population as opposed to some arbitrary formula that results in Montour County receiving more vaccine doses than it has citizens and more doses than any other county in PA?

This is a life and death issue and, near as I can tell, the current distribution formula may well ensure that folks in Phase 1A never receive a shot before folks in lower phases start getting their shots; that's just plain wrong.

And why aren't our Bucks County officials on TV, like those from Philadelphia, publicizing Wolf's murderous behavior (yes, Phase 1A deaths may occur simply because the vaccine has not been made available in some areas of the state and Phase 1A people are not being prioritized).

Why is it that our national and local news media aren't holding Tom Wolf and Rachel Levine accountable for the deaths they've already caused?

And why do some of our local officials continue to support this governor's callous disregard for the health of Pennsylvania's most at-risk citizens?

Yes, seems to me the media and some of our politicians are more interested in playing politics than in saving lives. A very sad state of affairs. I'm ashamed to be a citizen of this once great state.

Robin Atler, Perkasie

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