Debbie Wachspress brings a combination of strength, empathy, determination, compassion, and thoughtful pragmatism to everything she does. What we so desperately need is a representative who listens and genuinely cares.

Whether you are speaking with Debbie one-on-one or watching her take on tough issues as a school board member, she hears you and considers what is best for all involved in any situation.

I have been fortunate to see Debbie speak honestly and openly. In situations where most politicians would provide empty answers, Debbie speaks out for the greater good regardless of how difficult the situation may be.

We need Debbie for her intellect, for her experience taking on those who would try to disenfranchise the common person, for her tireless drive, and her fairness.

I will vote for Debbie because she will be a true representative of our voices. She is a real person who makes change for the better happen. She is not in this to be a career politician - she is in this to make this country better for all of us.

Matt Groden, Richboro

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