Letter to the Editor

Brian Fitzpatrick calls himself a moderate, but in truth he is not.

In fact, I don’t think I know what to call him. Sometimes, on the same piece of legislation, he actually manages to vote with the Democrats when his vote isn’t needed by the Republicans, but then with the Republicans on amendments meant to weaken the main force of the bill, all in order to appease his big money donors. (He does like to satisfy his “big money donors!

During an earlier campaign season, he skipped a meeting with the “Nuns on the Bus” in order instead to attend a Paul Ryan-sponsored corporate fundraiser). Now Brian is adding insult to injury by mischaracterizing his opponent Chris Finello’s positions such as claiming she supports “Defunding the police” which she DOES NOT.

He also criticizes her for supporting the “Heroes ACT,” which provides critical financial relief to families in need because of the poorly-damaged Covid response. (For the record, I am not aware that Fitzpatrick has criticized Trump’s mismanaged handling of the Corona Virus.)

The First Congressional District does not need someone who misrepresents both his own record as well as that of his opponent. Instead, it needs someone like Chris Finello who is not afraid to say what she stands for and will work for the people in the First Congressional District, NOT his big money contributors.

Peg Dissinger, Newtown

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