I saw a brave member of Congress in a crowded, raucous town hall defending a vote to impeach this lawless president. I admired the virtues of commitment, courage, and honesty on display in a roomful of rowdy constituents. But sadly, this woman was not our townhall-fearing Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, but a Congresswoman of conscience, character and courage, Elissa Slotkin, who represents a Republican-leaning district in Michigan.

This first-term Congresswoman led a townhall packed with her constituents during this historic trying time of impeachment. She had the courage to confront many angry Republicans about why she cast her vote to protect our democracy and impeach a president for his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. She did not hide from her constituents, she was not ashamed of her vote, but instead, she courageously faced a difficult crowd and openly gave reasoned arguments about why she came to this difficult and solemn decision.

Back home in our Pennsylvania District 01, it’s a different story. I wrote at least six letters about impeachment to our Congressman Fitzpatrick which were left unanswered. He had no live in-person town halls. Numerous impeachment rallies were held outside his office (the last one attracted over 600 people) to which he and his staff never responded. And when he cast his vote with the Republican herd against impeachment to protect this lawless president, he, a mouse that failed to roar, lacked the courage to make a public statement defending his poor vote on the floor of the House.

The people in PA-01 deserve a courageous Congressperson who communicates to them about important issues of concern. Hopefully in November, 2020, voters will remember his quiet cowardice and elect a Congressperson who is not afraid of communicating with constituents or of defending our Constitution and democracy.

Steve Cickay, Newtown

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