Our lives are more chaotic because of COVID-19, but we cannot ignore the importance of the Democratic primary on June 2.

Pennsylvanians are voting for a new Auditor General, the position that protects our tax dollars. Voters should examine all candidates and determine which one has the technical, leadership, and policy experience to handle this very important position, particularly in a time of crisis.

Candidate Christina Hartman has a track record of strong, experienced leadership in politically challenging environments. She is uniquely qualified thanks to her 20 years leading and managing non-profits, including federally-funded projects with large staff and budgets up to $44 million (similar to the Auditor General’s budget) that have undergone regular audits. She possesses both the technical and leadership skills needed to excel at this job.

Hartman will also help Democrats to succeed in November. She is the only Auditor General candidate to have run in a competitive general election with Trump on the ballot in 2016. In that race, she won over Independents and moderate Republicans, reduced the Republican advantage by five points, and raised over $1.25 million in a district where no one thought it possible. As a woman from Lancaster, she’ll bring gender and geographic diversity to our male- and urban-heavy ticket.

Christina is the full package — the leadership and technical skills to do the job well, and the political experience to help Democrats win in November — for Pennsylvania and for the nation. That’s why Christina Hartman will have my support on June 2.

Roberta Laney, Langhorne

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