The recent partial shutdown of the United States Government and the furlough of employees without payment of compensation and benefits was a clear message to employees in both the public and private sectors that having a “rainy day fund” to provide funds during unexpected events of furlough, unemployment, medical emergency, auto repair or other emergency needs, is an absolute necessity. Financial education and fiscal responsibility is needed before, during and after events which threaten personal and family security.

The Credit Counseling Center, an award winning non-profit service accredited and supported by state and federal organizations, at its offices in Levittown, Doylestown, and Richboro, has provided confidential credit counseling services since 1994. During 2018, the Center assisted 4,230 clients with budget and debt management, credit report review, money coaching and student loan counseling, first time homebuyer education, foreclosure prevention, financing options, reverse mortgage counseling and bankruptcy counseling.

The Center’s clients have financial backgrounds ranging from low income to executive level with an age range from young to senior adults. Everyone should address their financial security before the unexpected happens. It is not a question of whether it will rain, but when?

Joan Reading, President, and Robert Szwajkos, Esq. Board ChairCredit Counseling Center

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