Yardley is a charming town, with many interesting shops and restaurants, and not enough parking for their patrons. Recently we drove to pick up our supper at LaLa Lobster. To our astonishment, roughly a dozen or so parking spaces in the Yardley Shopping Center were closed off. LaLa Lobster has moved further back on their lot to a larger facility. Now, to get to them, it is necessary to park towards the back of the parking section, walk down to the street, turn and walk all the way back to their location to pick up dinner. Warning signs threaten that interlopers will have their cars towed by another company, because only bona fine customers of YSC are allowed to park there, & evidently LLL is not considered to be a part of YSC, although there had been no problems before. Similar threats can be found near Continental Restaurant and previously, at Mil-lees. Parking has become so difficult in downtown Yardley that soon the only people who will be able to shop there will be those who happen to live on Main Street.

Rita Allen, Lower Makefield Township

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