I love Bucks County. I moved here in 1985, raised my family here, and will most likely stay here the rest of my life. I love the Delaware River and am always awed by the fact that since some famous general named George crossed that river long ago on his way to Trenton to fight our enemy, we now have a great democracy.

But I believe a new enemy is attacking our precious river today. A faraway company called ELCON wants to come to Falls Township and build a hazardous waste processing site right near our precious river. About 20 truckloads of poison will be shipped to this site on our roads every day causing great potential harm to our air, our land, and our water.

Some of you may think this is just a Falls Township problem. Well, it isn’t. Many municipalities (Bensalem, Bristol, Chalfont, Doylestown, Falls Township, Hilltown, Lower Makefield, Lower Southampton, Middletown Township, Morrisville, New Britain, New Hope, Newtown, Solebury, Telford, Tullytown, Warrington, West Rockhill and Yardley) are served potable water by a public water supplier that withdraws water directly from the Delaware River. If there is an accident at the Falls ELCON site, the poison will of course flow downstream, but also upstream for 12 miles. And of course dumping tons of burned toxic residue into the air we all breathe is a good thing? The benefit is ELCON makes money, and we risk our air, land and water. Does that sound like a good deal to you?

Luckily you live in a democracy and have a chance to influence our local leaders. The Falls Township supervisors, led by Bob Harvie, are conducting a special public meeting about ELCON on Tuesday, April 30 at 7 p.m. The public will have almost two hours to voice their concerns. Please attend and tell the Falls Township supervisors to vote against ELCON coming to our treasured Bucks County. The meeting is at Pennsbury High School West at 608 Olds Boulevard, Fairless Hills, PA 19030.

I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make the meeting, email the Falls Township supervisors. Their addresses can be found at https://www.fallstwp.com/government/board-of-supervisors.aspxt

Let’s keep Bucks County a great place to live for you, your families and future generations. Let’s send ELCON on a free trip somewhere else far away. And let’s keep those truckloads of poison far away from the beautiful Bucks County we all love. See you at the meeting Tuesday.

Steve Cickay, Newtown

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