Letter to the Editor

In his guest opinion of January 12, Jim Worthington attempts to draw a bright line between the 200 plain Americans who took his buses to Washington, DC and the insurrectionists who briefly took over the Capitol. No such bright line exists.

Sedition is a continuum, extending from the murderers on the front line to the elected officials who incite violence with big lies to the citizens who pledge unwavering fealty to those officials. Mr. Worthington’s group is on that continuum.

There is no credible evidence — none — that the 2020 election was rigged. Among the President’s tens of thousands of lies is the baseless slander that I and my fellow Democrats stole the election from him. That lie has yielded conflict and death.

Mr. Worthington has spent five years propagating the President’s lies — lies intended to cancel my legal vote and my agency as a citizen, and to undermine faith in our democratic system. The mendacity persists unabated, even after the disastrous events of January 6.

Mr. Worthington demands respect. But respect is earned, and those harmed by his choices owe him nothing. Indeed, reasonable citizens with an appreciation for facts are obliged to push back, out of civic duty and as a means of self-preservation.

What Mr. Worthington calls hate is nothing more than being held to account. Such drama from a grown man who, like the President, should sit quietly and reflect upon the consequences of his actions rather than lashing out and blaming others.

Hal Wright, Newtown

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