On Tuesday, November 5 Ward 2 voters will select candidates for two seats on the Newtown Borough Council.

I ask your support for Democratic candidates Susan Turner and Robert Szwajkos. They will bring new ideas to Borough Government, along with much needed leadership. Both have professional backgrounds, and know how to organize a team approach to solve problems.

Sue is a recently retired mechanical engineer and corporate vice president who has overseen the construction and operation of large industrial facilities around the world.

Bob is an an attorney, and has served for- profit and non-profit organizations for many years.

Sue and Bob understand that finding good solutions to problems facing the borough will required community involvement and consensus building.

Whether it’s upgrading the Borough infrastructure, improving pedestrian and bicycle safety on our streets, protecting our historic resources, or supporting the Borough’s business district, they will rely on their deep knowledge and skills to guide Newtown Borough to a better future.

Please join me in voting for Sue and Bob this coming November 5th.

Mike Sellers, Newtown Borough

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