It is clear that the President’s recent declaration of a national emergency is in violation of the United States Constitution since it is an obvious attempt by the Executive Branch to usurp the power of the Legislative Branch as defined in Article 1 Section 9, “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.” I urge you therefore to fight this declaration of emergency vigorously since it fundamentally attacks the essential nature of the United States Constitution you have taken an oath to defend.

The National Emergencies Act allows Congress the power to terminate the President’s emergency declaration. Soon some Democrats in the House will be introducing such a resolution in Congress. I urge you to vote in favor of this resolution, not only to ensure that this particular declaration is overturned, but to prevent the establishment of the dangerous precedent of a fundamental encroachment by the Executive Branch on the powers of the Legislative Branch. I also urge you to lobby each other to support this resolution so that a veto-proof majority can be sustained. If there ever was a time for members of Congress to put aside partisan differences to solve a common threat to a fundamental American institution (the very Congress of the United States), this is that time.

Today I will not rant about my particular partisan concerns about the details of this alleged national emergency or the incredibly shameful and incompetent way it was presented to the American people in the Rose Garden of our beloved White House. Because this is not a matter of partisan politics. It is a matter of defending the Constitution, about which all Americans should agree.

I was proud of Congress after the pointless 35 day government shutdown ended since finally, a return to regular order in solving our national problems occurred. Both Republican and Democratic members of the House and Senate worked together on a compromise bill to solve some important issues about the vital need for border security. After much hard work in a process of dialogue, mutual respect, and compromise, a border security bill was passed in both chambers. Each party did not obtain its desired result, but another ugly, pointless and expensive government shutdown was averted and progress was made on the the vital need for border security. The President signed this legislation. That is how the framers of the Constitution expected our democracy to function.

But sadly our petulant President immediately thereafter, since he did not obtain all of his demands concerning border security in the legislative process, falsely declared a national emergency simply to get his way as a king or dictator would act. He is trying to usurp the power of Congress simply because he did not get what he wants. His emergency declaration will also steal dollars from areas Congress previously authorized legislatively to fund, which is yet another attack on your Congressional authority. What mystifies me as well is that in presenting this declaration he stated “I didn’t need to do this” which flies in the face of the very definition of an emergency.

I hope you understand that the actions of this President have placed our democracy in the throes of a serious constitutional crisis. I hope you can put partisan politics aside and focus on something fundamental to our nation; namely, the preservation of the integrity of our shared national treasure, the Constitution of the United States. Thank you for listening to one of the 67 percent of the American public who oppose this faux national emergency and act promptly to defend our United States Constitution.

Steve Cickay, Newtown

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