Corryn Kronnagel is my choice for District Judge. She has a law degree and almost a decade of trial experience. Corryn has represented hundreds of Plaintiffs and Defendants in both criminal and civil matters, including landlord/tenant cases, which are heard before a District Judge.

While her opponent Tom Augustin has worked in law enforcement for years, he does not have the court experience and legal knowledge that Corryn has. Lack of judicial experience recently lead a non-attorney District Judge in Erie County to misfile over 3,000 civil cases as criminal, giving thousands of people criminal records for things like overdue library penalties. Do any of us want to appear before a Judge who could make this mistake out of ignorance?

Tom was a long-time registered Republican; then, he switched parties to run as a Democrat because he thought he would have a better chance of winning. Tom lost the Democratic nomination. The Republican Party endorsed him, and NOW, he claims to also be an Independent. Is this really widespread support or evidence of an opportunist who is willing to belong to ANY political party if it will help him get elected?

Corryn Kronnagel is a Morrisville resident and has been my Borough Council Representative for several years, and she has always been responsive to my questions and concerns. I am voting for Corryn Kronnagel for Magisterial District Judge because of her extensive legal experience, proven dedication to our community, and her integrity.

Peggy Walsh, Morrisville Borough

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