Letter to the Editor

Bucks County deserves a stronger voice in Congress. Republican Brian Fitzpatrick is in the minority, so his representation is weak, ineffective, and meaningless.

Since Democrats will more than likely keep control of the House, that means (if somehow he is re-elected) he would continue to be just a minor player, with little power to lead or control any legislation or policies that would benefit all of Bucks County.

He will never chair a committee, or have a meaningful leadership position, or play a significant part in moving legislation forward.

During the past 4 years, what problem has Brian’s vaunted “Problem Solvers Caucus” solved that has benefitted the majority of Bucks County? Has he solved any of the problems that most families face every day during this deadly pandemic? Very few of the bills he sponsors or co-sponsors get out of committee, and even fewer have ever become law.

You can’t call yourself “independent” when you vote most of the time along party lines (63% in line with Trump*), and only occasionally vote in a bi-partisan way when it doesn’t affect the outcome.

We need a stronger representative, with the support and power of the majority behind them, to make a difference for all of this district’s families, taxpayers and businesses. That’s why I’m voting for a fresh start and a stronger voice: Bucks County’s own Christina Finello for Congress in PA-01.

- Fred Childs, Yardley


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