Letter to the Editor

I truly hope for America to become a United States of America once again. For those who have listened to the pleas of the man who won the presidential election, you know that deep within his heart, he cares passionately about ending the ugly divisiveness of the last four years. A true son of the working class, who has through great personal adversity developed a profound empathy for others, he shows promise to be a force for unity by championing a sincere populism that will address the economic adversities confronting all Americans.

Sadly, there are so many of my neighbors here in Bucks County who even now do not know who truly won the presidential election. They have been duped by the Big Lie, fostered incessantly by the current president, into believing that the election results are somehow untrue, a lie that strikes at the heart of our democracy. On January 6th, 2021 we all saw with our own eyes the undeniable result of so many believing that Big Lie. We saw in horror as an angry mob, at the direction of the president, his son, his lawyer and a member of Congress, marched on the legislative branch to stop the final phase of the presidential election so that the will of the People, certified by the States, could be overturned. We saw the destruction of our beautiful symbol of democracy, our beloved Capitol building, and physical violence against fellow Americans by fellow Americans resulting in injury and death.

I firmly believe in the right of Americans to protest peacefully and to attend political rallies. I myself have participated in and organized many such peaceful rallies as I enjoyed the American democratic freedom to express and support political views to make America a more just and fair country for all. But I never participated in violent protests which supported ideas that struck at the heart of our democracy. In my opinion, it would be the height of irony and hypocrisy to fight against democracy in the country that guaranteed my right to protest.

In a sense, I understand and feel no ill will toward my neighbors who took a bus ride to Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. It certainly would have made perfect sense to do so before the election. But what I suspect is that their motivation to come to the nation's capital on that specific day was not to show support for our president, but to show support for the Big Lie that this president had been spreading due to his refusal to concede even after multitudes of recounts and judicial decisions unequivocally proved the fact that he lost. The president had summoned his supporters to Washington (and promised it would be “wild”) on this last day where the election just might be overturned if somehow some way the members of Congress could be convinced to do what no other Congress had done in the history of our nation: overturn the will of the People. .

This president is an expert in convincing people to believe his lies. He has done this masterfully his entire life. So I do not find fault with my neighbors for succumbing to this one last Big Lie which was also aided by complicit Republican leaders and the right-wing media ecosystem. I hope to believe that none of my neighbors who took that bus ride intended to assault the Capitol and none ended up doing so. But I hope they now realize that they were duped by the president with this Big Lie to create a large intimidating crowd that would provide cover for the despicable traitors who planned and carried out the disgusting violence against our democracy, our Capitol, and fellow-Americans.

I desperately want to see a unified America. But first, those who believe in this Big Lie must come to understand it was a lie that was dangerous to the very core of our democracy and ultimately led to the violence we all abhor. Those who participated in or incited the violence must be brought to justice. Those who were unwitting dupes of the Big Lie must admit their mistake and come to understand and believe that Joe Biden will be the lawfully elected 46th President of the United States. To obtain forgiveness for your error and to ever have any hope of national unity, you must first admit that you were wrong.

Joe Biden has told us countless times he wants to be president for all Americans. He asks for your support as he will try to do his best to solve the critical problems facing America today. Over the next four years, you can see with your own eyes and ears what he will do to make America a better place for us all and then make a choice in 2024 at the ballot box. That is what Americans do in our great democracy as we accept the will of the People (even when our candidate loses) through a peaceful transition of power. So please, take down those “Stop the Steal” signs from your lawns because we all know now who tried to steal the election on January 6th, 2021. Let’s welcome our new duly elected President Joe Biden and come together as one great democratic nation.

Steve Cickay, Newtown Township

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