After years of development and review by internal teams and the Bucks County Planning Commission (BCPC), the Lower Makefield Board of Supervisors passed an updated Comprehensive Master Plan. The BCPC commended the township for “continuing efforts to guide growth and development through sound planning principles.”

The plan allows for the consideration of mixed-use development within the historically struggling Office/Research (O/R) district along Stony Hill Rd. This is because the O/R district, a relic of outdated planning and zoning concepts that produced suburban sprawl throughout the region, simply does not work in today’s world.

People are drawn to mixed-use projects because of the amenities they tend to offer such as plazas, retail, parks and sidewalks that foster interaction among residents – interaction that wouldn’t normally be possible in a traditionally, car-centric design model. The trend towards mixed-use property for sale attracts Millennial and Baby Boomer buyers in search of more vibrant, walkable neighborhoods.

Township residents agree – a petition in favor of the proposed development has garnered 1,292 signatures while a petition against the proposed development has garnered only 215 signatures. This is in spite of the fact that some anonymous group spent thousands of dollars to send an anonymous mailer filled with misinformation to approximately 12,000 households. The literature states that the Township is “for sale” and uses examples of various development projects to scare residents into believing their misinformation.

Get the facts before jumping to conclusions and ask yourself why someone would spend thousands of dollars to spread false information.

Karen Vander Laan, Lower Makefield

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