YARDLEY BOROUGH >> Yardley Farmer's Market weekly summer season in Buttonwood Park resumes on May 2.

For the protection of all concerned during the Govenor's COVID-19 restrictions, the market continues in a pre-order, pre-pay mode and will not be having entertainment until things normalize.

The vendors who are participating on May 2 and customer ordering instructions are provided below. Vendors will be wearing masks and gloves (or using sanitizer on bare hands) between customers or tasks.

Temporarily. hours will be from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Market organizers are recommending the following guidelines to encourage social distancing and limiting crowds. Your cooperation in observing these hours is greatly appreciated.

- 9 to 10 a.m. Market limited to seniors, those with underlying health issues and caregivers.

- 10 to 11 a.m. People with last names starting with letter A though L

- 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. People with last names starting with letter M though Z

Customer Guidelines

1. For customers picking up your orders in Buttonwood Park, wear a covering over your mouth and nose and maintain at least 6 feet between you and other customers.

2. BRING YOUR OWN hand sanitizer and use it between visiting vendors.

3. Please have only one person from your household pick up your food to keep crowds at a minimum, and please leave your furry friends home for now.

4. Please stay home if you are feeling sick at all.

5. If you are paying with cash or check, bring exact change in an envelope or have a check pre-filled out to drop in a container on the table.

Below is the list of vendors participating on May 2nd. Click the name or link to view their Facebook page or website. A full list of summer vendors who will be joining the Market as things normalize can be found on the farm market's website Summer Vendor page.

ABE’S ACRES FARM >> Call Gabe at 609-477-2016 to order his farm products made from his own vegetables and pears, or cheeses from Cherry Grove Farm. You can also speak to Gabe about delivery.

FUNGIFIED FARM >> We are excited to welcome Fungified Farm as a new vendor to YFM this summer. FF is a local farm in Montgomery county who grow a variety of gourmet Oyster, Lion’s Mane, and Shiitake mushrooms on organic medium using locally sourced material. FF also forages in season and is currently carrying foraged ramps (limited supply). FRESHLY FORAGED WILD ITEMS: Ramps $5 bunch (1/4 lb.). FRESHLY CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS: Black King Oyster $4 ¼ lb./$8 ½ lb.; King Blue Oyster, $4 ¼ lb./$8 ½ lb.; Blue Oyster, $4 ¼ lb./$8 ½ lb.; and Lion’s Mane, $6 ¼ lb./$12 ½ lb. DRIED MUSHROOMS: Dried Oyster Mix, $5/2oz. MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: Dried Lions mane, $8/2oz; Dried Turkey Tail, $8/2oz. Order through email ( or call (484) 636-7732. Fungifide will also do home delivery.

HERSHBERGER HERITAGE FARM >> Will have Pork and Beef cuts and eggs for pre-order. Visit and sign up for the BergerBox and note "Pick-Up Yardley Farmers Market" in Delivery Instructions. Pre-order early for best availability. Orders in by Thursday, April 30th will be ready for the market.

LIBERTY CITY COFFEE ROASTERS >> Great selection of fresh roasted coffee! Order through - code: yardley. Chose whole bean or grind during your order of bagged coffee for pickup at the Market.

LOVE GROWS CSA >> Order free roam farm fresh eggs, pea shoots, radishes and arugula through the website (updated on Thursday).

MEDITERRA >> Mediterra will be at the Market 1st and 3rd Saturdays starting May 2nd. Order estate extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegars and specialty items at (chose the free pickup option). Or call 484-639-9315.

NORD BREAD >> Nord will be with us bi-weekly starting May 2nd so order for 2 weeks. (Wild Flour Bakery will come on alternate weeks). This week Nord will have Viking Loaf, Energi Loaf, Spelt, Plain, Superseed, RYEbrid, Apple Flax, & Quinoa/Chive for pre-ordering via their online store at Choose Yardley for pick-up location. Order deadline is Thursday, April 30th. Venmo preferred if not paying via online store. Cash or check accepted in an envelope. Nord will also do home delivery. All boules and batards are $10. Seeded loaves (Energi & Viking) are $12. Spelt is $10.

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