Yardley Borough Hall

YARDLEY BOROUGH >> Yardley Borough received confirmation of its Community Rating System (CRS) recertification from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Feb. 5.

Yardley’s current CRS rating earns residents a five percent annual discount on flood insurance premiums in exchange for flood preparedness measures such as its floodplain ordinance and public education initiatives.

According to FEMA, the CRS seeks to help communities enhance public safety, decrease risk to property and infrastructure, avoid economic disruption and loss, reduce human suffering and protect of the environment in flood-prone areas.

Yardley officials are hopeful that continued work on the program could lead to an increased premium discount of 10 percent by 2021.

“With annual flood insurance premiums topping $5,000 per year for some of Yardley’s residents, obtaining that 10 percent discount remains a priority for the borough. The CRS a big undertaking, but it’s worth putting a few hundred dollars back into our homeowners’ pockets every year,” said Council President David Bria.

Yardley Borough is one of 25 CRS accredited communities in Pennsylvania.

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