YARDLEY BOROUGH >> Members of the Class of 2020 got quite a surprise when they drove down Main Street on Thursday.

There, displayed all along the town’s main thoroughfare, they were greeted by banners congratulating them on their graduation from high school.

Borough volunteers hung an initial 15 banners on May 28 on the town’s ornamental street lamps and hoisted a larger banner above the street. Four additional banners are also slated to be hung in the coming weeks, bringing the total number to 20.

Two borough moms, sympathizing with the seniors who lost their last months and weeks of high school to the pandemic, helped fund, organize and carry out the special tribute to publicly acknowledge the town’s graduating seniors.

Former Councilwoman and mom Sandi Brady brought the idea to another borough mom, borough manager Paula Johnson, who immediately signed on and was willing to help make it happen.

Brady and her husband donated the money for the banners and she and Johnson worked on the coordination of the project, including organizing volunteers to help hang the banners, reaching out to parents for photos, designing and having the banners made and handling the general administration.

“It looks really cool,” said Brady, of the banners now lining the town’s main thoroughfare. “And I’m hearing that the families and the seniors who are spotlighted are so surprised and they love it.”

Designed by FastSigns in Fairless Hills, the smaller banners spotlight individual graduates and include their pictures while the larger street banner lists their names and a congratulatory message to the Class of 2020.

Brady, whose middle child lost part of his first year in school due to the pandemic, said she felt bad that he didn’t get the full experience of his first year. “I couldn’t imagine if it was his last year in school.

“When you think about your senior year, all the memories you’re making with your friends, all these traditions that aren’t going to come to fruition for them.

“I know some seniors. I know they worked hard. I’m proud of them,” continued Brady. “We wanted to celebrate them with these banners. We just want them to feel really special,” she said of the seniors.

Her personal message to the Class of 2020 is simple. “Good luck on everything in the future.”

The banners are expected to remain on display through the end of July.

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