Adam Clark

Corporal Adam Clark

YARDLEY BOROUGH >> The Yardley Borough Council on Jan. 5 voted unanimously to promote Police Officer First Class Adam Clark to the newly- created supervisory rank of corporal in the borough’s police department.

Following the vote, Mayor Chris Harding administered the oath of office during a virtual swearing-in ceremony as Clark held up his hand and pledged to “support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of this Commonwealth, uphold the laws and ordinances of the Borough of Yardley” and “to discharge the duties of a civil service police corporal with fidelity and to the best of my judgment and ability.”

“Yardley Borough Police Officers are our frontline heroes. There’s no doubt about it,” said Mayor Harding. “And Adam leads by example and does a great job. He’s a reflection of what we love about our Yardley Borough Police Officers. Especially in times like these, your job is a job we all appreciate as you protect us and keep us safe,” Harding told Clark.

The Zoom meeting was attended by Clark’s wife along with a large contingent of borough police officers who logged in to show their support.

“Today marks six years of Chief Kelly being the chief of the department,” said Clark. “And in those six years, the department has grown by leaps and bounds. We owe that to the leadership of Chief Kelly and Sergeant Golden. I love the town of Yardley. There is no where I would rather serve. They don’t make towns like this anymore. And the department is a great group of officers and I look forward to serving with them for years to come.”

Sgt. Golden offered his congratulations to Clark. “This is very well earned and well deserved,” he said. “It’s been amazing watching you grow,” he told Clark. “I’m very proud of you and everything you do.”

Prior to the vote, Chief Joseph Kelly introduced Clark as a borough “celebrity,” having made cameo appearances on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and most recently on the TV game show, “Jeopardy!”

Clark graduated from the Montgomery County Community College with an associate’s degree. He also earned his Police Act 120 certification from the college’s police academy.

Clark joined the Yardley Borough Police Department in March 2014 and was promoted to police officer first class a year later in March 2015.

Clark is the coordinator of the department’s critical incident management team, a field training officer and the intelligence liaison officer to the Pennsylvania State Criminal Intelligence Center and the Delaware Valley Criminal Intelligence Center.

Since joining the department, Clark has received two unit citation awards and has earned multiple letters of commendations.

“Police supervision has never been more important, especially in light of emerging technologies, expanded public expectations, increased liability and newer officers entering the profession who present different levels of experience and expectancy,” said Chief Joseph Kelly in explaining the reason for adding the rank of corporal.

“First line supervisors are critical in any police agency,” said Kelly. “(They) offer a bridge between officers and management and report on organizational threats looming, often undetected.

“First line supervisors deliver, instruct and ensure accountability of departmental policy,” he continued. “Through informal and formal means, they can personally affect the likelihood of a policy being followed.

“First line supervisors train, coach and mentor all new police officers,” said Kelly. “In the Yardley Borough Police Department, these skill sets are critical to our mission as we are an agency that employs full- and part-time police officers and are frequently recruiting due to the turnover of our part-time staff.

“First line supervisors also manage critical incidents and complex criminal investigations. The decision made and the direction offered by first line supervisors early in an incident have often impacted the outcome of a critical event,” Kelly added.

“Yardley Borough Police Officers are the most readily identifiable and readily contacted of all borough employees, officials or staff. It is the responsibility of our first line supervisors to ensure that our organizational culture set in place by management and the core values we uniformly adopted are internalized and operationalized by our officers.”

Last spring, Yardley Borough Council approved Kelly’s proposed departmental reorganization referring the position of corporal to the Yardley Borough Civil Service Commission. The commission subsequently revised and the borough council later adopted the civil service rules to include the position of corporal.

When the position was advertised within the department, Chief Kelly said one qualified candidate stepped forward.

According to Kelly, Clark successfully passed the written examination provided by the Pennsylvania Police Chiefs Association for first line supervisors. He also received satisfactory scores on his performance evaluations and he passed an oral examination administered by the Yardley Borough Civil Service Commission.

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