YARDLEY BOROUGH >> Fire gutted a truck Wednesday morning, April 14 causing quite a scene in the Yardley Walk development off of North Main Street.

Just before 10 a.m., flames erupted from the engine compartment of the pickup truck, which was parked on Creekside Lane in the heart of the townhome development.

Firefighters from the Yardley-Makefield Fire Company were dispatched to the scene at 9:47 a.m. Engine 0 arrived on location and firefighters immediately went in service with a hose line, quickly extinguishing the fire with a combination of water and foam.

Yardley Borough resident Anthony Primola happened to be riding his bike into the development when he saw flames and smoke coming from the vehicle.

“I was riding my bike to Dolington Road when I saw the fire,” said Primola. “I went over the bridge and came out and I saw the fire in a pickup truck. The hood was up and the workers, they were just looking at it.”

Fearing that the car could explode, sending pieces of shrapnel through the air, Primola said he stood at a safe distance as fire engulfed the vehicle.

“I was in awe because I have never seen anything like that,” he said. “I counted at least four small explosions and every time it exploded more flames came out,” said Primola. “It got worse and worse, but there was never a big explosion.”

It wasn’t long before firefighters arrived on the scene.

“I thought, ‘How are they going to take that out,’” said Primola. “I give the fire company so much credit. Nobody wanted to get near it. But these guys were right there with their hose fighting this thing. My hat tips off to them. They are very brave.”

The Yardley-Makefield Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the cause of the fire.

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