PENNSBURY >> Seven new pieces of art, including the district’s first digital piece, have been added to Pennsbury’s permanent art collection.

At the June school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. William Gretzula recognized this year’s group of student artists by presenting them with special certificates thanking them for donating their works to the collection.

“Pennsbury has a long history of producing amazing art and outstanding young artists. That’s a testament to the staff members across our art department at all levels,” said Gretzula.

“Students found ways to express themselves in creative and meaningful ways over the past year. Their pieces routinely demonstrate depth of skill and understanding of artistic concepts through the use of multiple media. Tonight is no exception,” said Gretzula, “as we celebrate the use of pencil, ink, cardboard and digital tools.

“Additionally it’s important to recognize that much of the work produced this past year was not done in our classrooms or labs,” said Gretzula. “Much of the work was done at home with the encouragement and virtual support of our staff and family members who provided time and space and resources necessary to produce the pieces we are featuring tonight.”

Ruth Anne Schultz, Pennsbury’s K-12 Art Curriculum Coordinator, joined Gretzula in recognizing the students, their art and their art teachers.

According to Schultz, Pennsbury is the only district in Bucks County to have a permanent student art display.

“This permanent collection of student artwork is due to the support of Dr. Gretzula and past superintendents, Dr. Ralph Nuzzuolo, Paul Long and Dr. Kevin McHugh, outstanding art teachers, supportive parents and most importantly, talented student artists.”

The exhibit was started in 1997-98 with the framing of four two- dimensional pieces of student artwork. The collection now includes 142 pieces of two-dimensional and three- dimensional works from students in grades kindergarten through 12th.

“There’s a variety of media, including painting, frame making, digital photos, ceramics, papier-mâché, collage, drawings and mixed media are all represented,” said Schultz.

The newest student art will be displayed in the superintendent’s office suite for one year and then be relocated to the halls and offices of the district’s Administration Building in Fallsington.

Added to the collection this year are works by:

- Edgewood Elementary School fourth grader Maggie McGoldrick, Radial Patterns in Nature. Art teacher: Aphrodite Crane

- Pennwood Middle School eighth grader Calleigh Gaffney, Pointillism. Art teacher: Megan Miller

- Pennsbury High School 12th grader Eliana Abir, Charcoal Still Life. Art teacher: Kelsey Adair

- Pennsbury High School ninth grader Brianna Balbo, Pencil Still Life. Art teacher: Abigail Cramer

- Pennsbury High School eleventh grader Delaney Gardner, Low Relief Cardboard Sculpture. Art teacher: Danyelle Lala

- William Penn Middle School eighth grader Jane Bove, Precisionism/Charles Demuth. Art teacher: Kelli Morrow

- Walt Disney Elementary School fifth grader Peyton Rutledge, Digital Art. Art teacher: Suzanne Cassidy

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