Firefighters on the scene of the fire. (Credit: Yardley-Makefield Fire Company FaceBook photo)

MORRISVILLE BOROUGH >> A fire broke out around 12 a.m. Monday, August 23 in the storage area of the Ecoremedy, LLC plant, which sits on the site of the Morrisville Municipal Authority’s wastewater treatment plant on Riverview Avenue in Morrisville.

No one was injured as a result of the fire.

Ecoremedy is working with the Morrisville Fire Marshal to determine the cause of the fire.

Operations were not ongoing throughout the weekend. The building did sustain significant smoke damage.

Plant operations have been put on hold for the time being.

Ecoremedy constructed its state-of-the art sludge conversion facility in summer 2019 as a solution for landfilling biosolids from the Morrisville Municipal Authority. Ecoremedy uses its Fluid Lift Gasification™ process to reduce the biosolids’ volume by up to 96 percent, which significantly reduces the costs and potential environmental impacts of landfill disposal while simultaneously recovering energy resources.

For more than a decade Ecoremedy has employed its advanced Fluid Lift Gasification technology in the agricultural industry with installations onsite large industrial processing facilities or farms to cleanly convert manure-based materials into renewable energy and value-added products.

Founded in 1992, Ecoremedy, LLC, is a Pennsylvania-based engineering and technology firm that specializes in advanced carbon conversion systems specific to intractable organic solids such as manure and biosolids. For more information, visit

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