Parishioners from St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Yardley on Jan. 12 put up 41 crosses bearing t-shirts with names of Bucks County residents who died from gun violence. This Memorial to the Lost will remain up until Jan. 26. It is being done in conjunction with Heeding God's Call to Reduce Gun Violence (

YARDLEY BOROUGH >> A “Memorial to the Lost” in Yardley Borough is calling attention to the impact of gun violence in Bucks County and beyond.

Located on West Afton Avenue on propery owned by St. Andrew's Church, the stark memorial includes posts bearing T-shirts with the names of Bucks County gun vlolence victims. The display is taking place in conjunction with Heeding God’s Call to Reduce Gun Violence (, a faith-basesd movement to end gun violence based in Rosemont.

On Jan. 11, St. Andrew's held a brief service to dedicate the project in honor of the lost, and to "dedicate ourselves to reducing gun violence." As part of the serivce, volunteers installed the posts and T-shirts.

The Rev. Hilary Greer said parishioners and the public are invited to the Parish House behind the church on Jan. 20 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) “to write letters to our representatives seeking practical reforms to reduce gun violence incrementally and to make posters expressing a peacful commitment to reducing gun violence.

"Between 2 and 3:30 p.m., we will participate in a peaceful and hopeful public witness desplaying our posters at our Memorial to the Lost and in downtown Yardley," said Greer. "Please come: numbers count if change is to happen.”

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