From left: Supervisor Dan Grenier, vice chairman; Supervisor Fred Weiss, chairman; and newly-sworn supervisor James McCartney. 

LOWER MAKEFIELD >> The Lower Makefield Board of Supervisors reorganized on Jan. 6, welcoming a new member and electing new leadership.

The Honorable Gary Gilman administered the oath of office to incoming supervisor James McCartney and returning supervisor Suzanne Blundi as they promised to “support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth and to discharge the duties of the office with fidelity.”

McCartney is the co-owner and CEO of McCartney Appraisal Group, PC, which provides residential appraisals in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. He has served on the zoning hearing board for the past seven years.

Blundi, an attorney, is the vice-president of a law firm serving internationally recognized universities and healthcare providers. She was appointed to the board of supervisors in 2018.

Following the swearing in ceremony, Blundi and McCartney joined incumbent Democrats Dan Grenier, Fred Weiss and John Lewis at the board table.

As their first official action, the newly- reorganized board of supervisors elected Dr. Fredric Weiss as chairman and Blundi as vice chair for the coming year.

Weiss, a graduate of Penn State and Temple University, founded his own dental practice in 1980. He also served as State Commander and National Finance Officer with the Civil Air Patrol and served with the U.S. Army as a Dental Officer from 1978 to 1980, and as a reservist from 1980 to 1995, retiring with the grade of Major.

“I thank my fellow members of the board for having me sit in this position for the next year,” said Weiss in accepting his new role of chairman. “I will do my best to ensure the agendas are appropriate and we move forward as we have for the last two years.

“We have a full plate for this year - a lot of things to continue - the good works we’ve been doing these last couple of years,” Weiss continued. “We’ve been able to rewrite financial situation of our township and in the next year or so I think we’re going to see some positive changes.

“We have development issues in the next year. We have road issues in the next year. We have fluoridated water issues - hopefully in the next year. And probably quite a few other new things that we don’t know about I’m sure will pop up. I’m confident that my colleagues and I will make sure everything is taken care of to the best of our abilities.”

Among the big issues on the table in 2020 will be Prickett Run at Edgewood  mixed use development project, including a Wegman's, and finding a path forward on its sewer issues. The board could also move forward in 2020 with a temporary fix to the Sandy Run detour.

The board unanimously selected supervisor Dan Grenier as its vice chair for the coming year. Grenier served as chair in 2020.

The board also appointed McCartney as secretary, Suzanne Blundi as board treasurer, Township Manager Kurt Ferguson as assistant secretary/treasurer and Adrian Costello as chair of the vacancy board.

The board also made the following professional appointments - Safe Engineering as traffic engineer, Maillie LLC as auditor, Hill Wallack LLP as township solicitor and all other professional services an an interim basis for 2020.

The board also appointed McCartney as its voting delegate to the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors conference. Blundi was named alternate delegate.

Weiss also made the following liaison assignments to the board of supervisors:

Grenier: sewer authority, sewer subcommittee, veterans committee, special events and electric reliability committee;

Lewis: zoning hearing board, farmland preservation, HARB, the Disability Advisory Board and sewer subcommittee;

Blundi: financial advisory council, economic development council, citizens traffic commission, board of auditors and BOCA board of appeals;

McCartney: Parks and Recreation Board, Trenton-Mercer Airport Review Board, golf committee and the agriculture security board; and

Weiss: planning commission, environmental advisory board, Lower Makefield Seniors, historical commission and the electronic media advisory council.

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