Memorial Park

LOWER MAKEFIELD >> The township-owned trail systems at Memorial Park on Woodside Road and at Macclesfield Park on River Road have reopened for public use.

At its virtual meeting on May 6, the board of supervisors endorsed the openings as proposed by parks and recreation director Monica Tierney.

In addition to the trails, the community gardens have reopened for public at Memorial Park to allow for spring plantings.

Parking is available at Memorial Park for trail and community garden users, but not at Macclesfield Park, which can be accessed by foot and bicycle via the Delaware Canal Towpath.

Park users are being asked to maintain social distancing and to follow CDC guidelines while using the trails at both parks for biking, walking and jogging.

“I’m in favor of doing what we can to open up our facilities as long as we have guidance from experts in this area and trying to find that balance,” said Supervisor Suzanne Blundi.

“I’m in favor of this,” added supervisor John Lewis. “I have received a lot of calls from people with different recreational things that they enjoy doing and asking when are we going to open this or that ... It’s a challenging time and people are frustrated and you want to give them a path forward. The more we can give guidance, the better they’ll deal with a difficult situation.”

Several of the supervisors said they particularly liked the idea of opening up the community gardens,

“People obviously use them for their own sake. But a lot of people also use them to grow food for the less fortunate. I’m really happy we can get those open so the good work can continue,” said Blundi.

“I agree 100 percent, especially with how difficult it can be to get certain food products these days. This allows them to grow their own food,” said Supervisor Dan Grenier.

While trails have reopened, the following park amenities remain closed to the public: the all-inclusive Secret Garden playground, the athletic fields, the 9-11 memorial fountain and the restrooms at Memorial Park and the restroom facilities, pavilions and athletic fields at Macclesfield Park.

Five Mile Woods also remains closed to the public due to its single track trail system, which poses a challenge for social distancing.

“We have single track trail with wetlands so it’s hard to step off the trail and get around people,” said Tierney, explaining why the Woods remain closed for public use.

“You can get your feet very wet and muddy if you step even a foot off the trail,” agreed Grenier.

Also remaining closed to the public are the Lower Makefield Community Center; the Lower Makefield Dog Park; Fred Allan, Caiola and Stoddard fields; the Community Park and Pool complex on Edgewood Road; and all sports courts and playgrounds operated by the township.

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