PENNSBURY >> Four district students were honored with LYFT character awards at the April meeting of the Pennsbury School Board.

In conjunction with the district’s ongoing character education initiative, students at the elementary, middle and high school levels are spotlighted each month during the school year for possessing positive character assets.

The latest round of awards were announced by school board member Gary Sanderson and Elizabeth Aldridge, Ed.D., Director of Student Services. The award is sponsored by Faith Presbyterian Church in Fairless Hills.

For the month of April, students Riley Kopceuch, Rikita Nair, Hanna Reilly and Alivia Hampton were recognized for exemplifying the trait of “Integrity.”

“This award recognizes the recipient as one who is internally motivated to do what is right despite personal cost, one who talks openly about what he or she believes in and consistently stands up for their convictions,” said Sanderson. “This awardee also demonstrates a willingness to thoughtfully express and act upon what he or she believes to be right in the face of pressure.”

Hampton, a Kindergartener at Fallsington Elementary School, was nominated by Cherie Lynn Kooker, Christine Zimmerman, Amy Murray, Kristen Cahill, and Principal Vinny DePaola.

According to Principal DePaola and her teachers, Alivia is a student a teacher can always depend on, who doesn’t behave because a teacher is watching, but does so because it is the right thing to do.

She leads by example and is polite, studious, and thoughtful. She treats everyone with respect and kindness. And she is an all-around amazing young student who demonstrates integrity every moment of every day.

Also at the elementary school level, the award goes to Ritika Nair, a fourth grade at Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School. Ritika was nominated by teachers, Maureen Janthor and Brian Doron.

Her teachers say that Ritika embodies all the qualities that the students from Eleanor Roosevelt strive to demonstrate.

She is respectful, responsible, and safe. She sets a high bar for herself and does not lower it for any reason. In her schoolwork she is honest and follows the guidelines set forth with her assignments and tests.

In Physical Education class, Ritika shows up with a smile and tries her best, whatever the activity. She is a good example of a student successfully working through virtual learning and is a model of true integrity.

Hanna Reilly, an eighth grader at Charles Boehm Middle School, was nominated by Jeanne Caputo.

According to Ms. Caputo, Hanna is a member of Best Buddies and is a champion for students with special needs. She regularly demonstrates compassion, kindness, and friendship. She advocates for her peers and stands up for them if she feels they are being picked on.

On Google Meets, she listens respectfully when others are talking and engages all students.

Also being honored at the middle school level is Riley Kopceuch. Riley, an eighth grade at Charles Boehm Middle School, was nominated by her teachers, Anita Quinn, Heather Mengert, and Eric Haidinger. They shared that Riley is honest, has strong ideals and embodies the definition

of integrity.

At Charles Boehm, Riley is a leader

who is honest and trustworthy in her actions. She supports righteousness and transparency in her role as a student leader.

Riley is also a human rights advocate and self-publishes a magazine highlighting various topics about social justice. She is an amazing individual with a passion and drive for what is right.

LYFT, an acronym that stands for Lower Makefield, Yardley, Falls and Tullytown, is a volunteer community coalition made up of individuals from all parts of the community to support and strengthen the youth and families of the Pennsbury School District.

Its mission is to create a more positive community environment where youth are safe and can thrive by working to reduce the risks that confront youth such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, school violence and delinquency. The coalition also provides support for parents and recognizes students who demonstrate positive character.

Coalition members include representatives from the Pennsbury School District, local law enforcement, faith communities, civic organizations, local government, business, social services along with parents, youth, healthcare and prevention and treatment professionals.

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