YARDLEY >> The residents of the Rivermawr section of Yardley Borough celebrated Christmas with one eye on the Delaware River.

The river began rising on Christmas Day fed by a rapid snow melt in the north, which had been buried in up to 30 inches of snow a week earlier, coupled with heavy rain on Christmas Eve and early on Christmas Day that dumped around two to three inches on the area.

By noon on Saturday portions of Delaware Avenue (Route 32) in Yardley Borough located north of the Yardley Inn were closed to traffic after the river overflowed its banks.

After rising steadily on Christmas night and throughout the day on Saturday, the river crested at 18.46 feet at 4 p.m. below the forecasted crest of 19 feet, which left many breathing much easier.

The flooding did not affect any homes or result in any evacuations, but the high water event did force the closure of Route 32 (Delaware Avenue) just north of the Yardley Inn.

For some context, at 17 feet, Route 32 North in Yardley Borough begins to flood between Brown Street and Maple Avenue. At 18 feet, Route 32 North is closed between Brown Street and Maple Avenue. At 19.5 feet, Morgan Avenue in Yardley Borough begins to flood.

And at 20 feet, houses on Brown Street in Yardley begin to take on water. Houses on Afton Avenue also take on water. Southbound lanes are closed along stretches of Route 29 in Trenton. Route 32 North is closed in Yardley borough.

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