Lake Afton

Picturesque Lake Afton in the heart of Yardley Borough.

YARDLEY BOROUGH >> The community has a chance on Saturday, October 17 to give back to Lake Afton, which has been a quiet source of comfort for many during this COVID pandemic.

The public, both young and old, are encouraged to join the Friends of Lake Afton as they spruce up the picturesque centerpiece of Yardley and its public areas “so that we can continue to enjoy Lake Afton, our precious town jewel, over the fall and winter months.”

The fall cleanup and work day gets underway at 8 a.m. and continues to 12 p.m. at the lake located at Penn Valley Drive and West Afton Avenue in the heart of downtown Yardley Borough.

Volunteers are encouraged to wear work clothes, bring gardening and landscaping tools and be prepared to get dirty while enhancing a community jewel.

COVID-19 protocols will strictly apply, including mask wearing and social distancing.

The Friends of Lake Afton is a civic non-profit organization whose mission is to restore, improve, protect and maintain Lake Afton and the public areas surrounding the lake for all to enjoy.

The Friends rely on donations to maintain the lake, which provides a picturesque backdrop for birthday, prom, wedding and graduation photographs, family milestones, Harvest Day, holiday tree lightings as well as fishing or just taking in the scenery from a bench.

Donations to the Friends pay for algae control measures, maintenance of the lake’s aerator system, removal of large branches and tree limbs, routine maintenance of the in flow and out flow systems and routine landscaping.

The manmade lake was originally created to provide waterwheel power for a gristmill that John Brock built in 1705. It was originally referred to as “the millpond.”

William Yardley purchased John Brock’s gristmill in 1732, demolishing and replacing the gristmill in 1769 with the Yardley Grist Mill, which was also powered by water from the millpond. It’s been said that Lake Afton was named after the poem “Afton Water,” which was written by Robert Burns in 1791.

Although Lake Afton was created to run a Grist Mill, it’s always been privately owned, and yet has always been generously shared with the public.

Considered by many to be Yardley’s town jewel, the lake is a favorite spot throughout the year, from ice skating in the winter, fishing in the summer, feeding the ducks and geese, watching and photographing wildlife, reading, meeting up with friends, enjoying a snack or beverage, painting a picture, sitting on a park bench, and more. Lake Afton has been one of the most photographed places in Bucks County.

Donations in support of the ongoing maintenance of the lake can be made through FOLA’s FaceBook page or mailed to Friends of Lake Afton, P.O. Box 529, Yardley 19067.

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