Debbie Wachspress

BUCKS COUNTY >> Scott Wallace, 2018 Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, has announced his endorsement of Democrat Debbie Wachspress in her 2020 bid for the seat currently held by Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Wallace joins former primary rivals Rachel Reddick and Steve Bacher, who endorsed Wachspress back in November, uniting all three 2018 Democratic candidates behind Wachspress in 2020.

"I have decided to endorse another good friend, Deb Wachspress, to be the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s first congressional district in 2020,” Wallace said. “I know well of her deep personal commitment to improving the day-to-day lives of the good hard-working people of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, to a fair tax system, to universal health care, to quality public education, to peace and diplomacy, to women’s reproductive rights, to real gun control measures, to climate solutions, and to an end to the corporate gravy train and pay-to-play politics.”

“I am so honored to receive Scott’s endorsement,” said Wachspress. “I admire all of the work he has done for our community and I am thrilled to have him on my team. I am running to represent the people of the 1st District, because we need a Member of Congress with the backbone to stand up to big insurance companies, the corporate gun lobby, and Donald Trump. I’m not afraid to stand up to anyone to fight for common sense issues like cleaner air and water, lower prescription drug prices, and universal background checks on gun purchases.”

Wallace’s endorsement comes on the heels of the strong fundraising report Wachspress announced over the weekend, positioning her as the clear frontrunner in the race with 32x more cash on hand than her primary opponents.

Wachspress raised more than $235,000 between October and December of last year with nearly 80 percent of her contributions coming in increments of $200 or below and all of her contributions coming from individual donors not corporate PACs. She starts off the election year with over $350,000 in the bank, having raised nearly half of a million dollars so far this cycle.

“I am so humbled by the outpouring of support for my campaign,” Wachspress said. “As I talk to voters across Bucks and Montgomery counties, it’s clear that they want change. They want a Member of Congress with the courage to stand up and fight for more affordable health care, better protections for our environment, and smarter laws to prevent gun violence.”

This is the second quarter in a row that Wachspress has outraised all of her primary opponents combined, with the other two contenders left in the race only raising roughly $10,000 and $20,000 respectively this past quarter. She also has a 32:1 cash on hand advantage over her opponents (see chart below).

“It’s clear that Debbie is the only candidate in this race running a viable campaign,” said Campaign Manager, Philip Stein. “In order to beat Brian Fitzpatrick this November, we need a Democratic nominee who has the capacity to build a campaign that will be able to go toe to toe him and his special interest allies. Debbie is the only candidate running who has proven she can do that.”

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