Antonetta Stancu

Antonetta Stancu

DOYLESTOWN >> The Bucks County Fraternal Order of Police (Lodge 53) has voted to officially support veteran federal and county prosecutor Antonetta Stancu in the Democratic Primary for Bucks County District Attorney. FOP (Lodge 53) is an organization made of current and retired police officers in Bucks County.

“Having the support of these experienced police officers, many of whom I have worked with over the years to make Bucks County safer, means the world to me,” said Stancu. “I’m so proud to have received their support.”

Stancu served as a federal prosecutor where she prosecuted murderers and led major drug investigations. She also served as a Bucks County Deputy District Attorney for eight years and began her career as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County, NY.

She has also received strong support from law-enforcement officers with whom she has worked with throughout her career:

“During my tenure as a law officer I had numerous opportunities to deal with attorneys both prosecuting and defending, and I have no qualms saying Antonetta Stancu is one of the finest attorneys I've known.” -- Eric J. Uhler, r`etired police office.

“Antonetta has impressive investigative instincts and works in a very collaborative manner with case agents. Simply put - once in her hands, she makes her cases better! Invariably, better cases mean better results and a safer community," said Robert L. Hobbs, former U.S. Marshal.

“As our County’s next District Attorney, I want to find more ways to bring our police force and communities together to keep our streets safe,” said Stancu.

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