The Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown.

DOYLESTOWN >> The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday that Jennifer M. Schorn will be promoted to serve as the office’s First Assistant District Attorney, replacing Gregg Shore who will now take on a role as a Deputy District Attorney.

The move comes after the office’s attorney staff learned recently that Shore “demonstrated very poor judgment” by working a side job delivering food for Doordash and did so, at times, during normal business hours, District Attorney Matt Weintraub said.

Using his accrued vacation time, Shore has repaid the county the money he earned working that extra job while on duty.

“Nevertheless, his actions were thoughtless and demonstrated a lack of leadership,” Weintraub said. “He also violated the trust that I, the other members of the District Attorney’s Office, and the people of Bucks County place in each of us. I have a duty to hold those who violate that trust accountable. No exceptions.”

After careful deliberation, Weintraub said Shore would no longer serve as the First Assistant District Attorney, effective March 17 but will remain with the office as a Deputy District Attorney and “have the opportunity to earn back the trust and confidence of myself, this Office, and the Bucks County community.”

As a prosecutor, Weintraub said it is “our duty to consider the whole person, not just the offensive conduct, and to recognize the importance of redemption and second chances.

“A person should be judged for more than just his mistakes,” Weintraub said. “While he has no excuse for his conduct, I also note that as an attorney who is always ‘on call,’ even during nonworking hours as the job dictates, that there was never a lapse in Gregg’s availability to us when called upon.”

Shore has served the public for more than two decades, starting with the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office in 1996 until 2000, then returning in 2015.

During his time here, Shore started the Insurance Fraud Unit and prosecuted Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz for the 2017 murders of four young men in Solebury. Prior to his return to the Office in 2015, Shore also worked at the Lehigh County Prosecutor’s Office and the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

“It would be easy for me to just fire him and be done with it. That would frankly be the easiest thing to do, but not necessarily the right thing to do,” said Weintraub. “I’m put in this position to make difficult decisions after weighing the facts and circumstances. And that’s what I’m doing here I have ti set my personnel perspective and feelings aside as difficult as that may be so that I can look at this fairly and objectively. In conferencing with my leadership team, I have decided to demote him rather than to fire him in light of all his years of public service.”

Weintraub said he is proud to name Schorn as the office’s First Assistant District Attorney. “Jen is one of our most talented and dedicated attorneys, who has faithfully dedicated her service to our mission for over two decades, most currently in her dual role of Chief of Trials and Chief of the Grand Jury Division,” Weintraub said.

Schorn graduated Widener University School of Law before joining the DA’s office. She is a lifelong Bucks County resident and “a tenacious prosecutor devoted to serving victims and pursuing justice, no matter how long delayed,” Weintraub said.

“Jennifer is a 20 year veteran here at the Bucks County District Attorney’s office and she has a huge heart,” said Weintraub. “This is a great promotion for her and I’m very excited to partner with her as we go forward.”

Schorn has prosecuted numerous sexual offenders responsible for victimizing children throughout Bucks County, including Walter Meyerle, who she prosecuted as a serial child predator who is now doing decades in state prison.

At one point, Schorn served as head of special victims unit and currently runs the office’s Grand Jury Unit. She has also been responsible for police integrity, holding officers and departments to the highest standards set by federal and state requirements.

In addition, Schorn serves as liaison the the Network Of Victims Assistance (NOVA) and as an educator for the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Institute, which trains other prosecutors in how to be the best prosecutor they can be.

And she has literally breathed new life into cold case murders whose victims have been forgotten by all but their families and other loved ones, bringing people like George Shaw, William Korzon and Daman Smoot to justice, said Weintraub.

“She and I teamed up together to convict Jacob Sullivan and Sarah Packer for their murder of Grace Packer,” said Weintraub.

“Jen is a warrior leading us all into battle in our relentless pursuit of justice and is a great example of leadership for us to follow,” Weintraub said. “I have had the privilege of working with her on high profile cases, as well as sharing management responsibilities with her over the last several years. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to this office and its staff, always seeking to help newer ADAs develop as prosecutors and as people.

“I have the utmost confidence that as she takes on this new role, Jen will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our office and the residents of Bucks County.”

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