BUCKS COUNTY >> The Police Chiefs’ Association of Bucks County and the NAACP Bucks County met recently to discuss ways to build trust between police and all Bucks County residents. 

"Police officers throughout Bucks County swear an oath to protect and serve, and we can do that best when there is a strong bond of trust and support between police and our communities," said Mike Cummings, president of the Police Chiefs Association of Bucks County. "That’s why we were eager to meet with the NAACP Bucks County and why our recent meeting was attended by almost every Bucks County police department.

"We and the NAACP share a goal – we want everyone in Bucks to know they can count on equal protection of the law," said Cummings. "We will continue our dialogue with the NAACP and look forward to their support and partnership."

Karen Downer, President, NAACP Bucks County, said, "We appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Bucks County Police Chiefs to discuss how we can partner to address barriers they face to building a diverse team of well-trained officers who have the trust and support of the entire community.

"We are working to understand the current landscape of law enforcement in the county, including policies, practices, and outcomes, so that we can understand what is working well and where we can work together to improve," she continued. "We had a robust and open dialogue at the meeting – we learned a lot and we believe our Police Chiefs did too. We are looking forward to continuing our discussions with the individual Chiefs and at our next meeting with the Police Chiefs Association, planned for early next year."

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