Christina Finello and Brian Fitzpatrick

BUCKS COUNTY >> Voters in the 1st Congressional District, which includes all of Bucks County and a small portion of neighboring Montgomery County, picked Democrat Christina Finello and incumbent Republican Brian Fitzpatrick as their candidates for U.S. Congress in November.

With 57.8 percent of the vote, Fitzpatrick won his GOP Primary challenge over Trump supporter Andrew Meehan, while Finello, of Ivyland, won her Primary battle over Skylar Hurwitz, a businessowner, environmentalist and self-proclaimed independent Democrat, with 77.4 percent of the vote.

"I am honored that the amazing people of Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District have once again placed their trust and faith in me and our campaign," said Fitzpatrick..

"Our campaign is a team effort, and I once again thank our amazing and hardworking volunteers who give their time, talents and energy to bring our community together. Now, as we look forward toward the future, it is imperative that we come together as one community to save our nation from the divisive politics that is tearing our country apart.

"I am and will continue to be dedicated to serving the people of the First District," said Fitzpatrick. "And I look forward to continuing our campaign by bringing our community together, standing together in unity and solidarity."

After winning Tuesday's primary, Finello said she's looking forward to going "head-to-head" with Fitzpatrick between now and November.

"In this election, voters have a simple choice," she said. "They can have a congresswoman like me who will always look out for their interests, or they can continue with Fitzpatrick - who has shown blind loyalty to President Trump.

"Fitzpatrick has stood by Trump while he sows chaos and division, bungling the worst public health crisis in a century, passing tax cuts for the rich, and putting big businesses ahead of the small business owners that make up the backbone of our economy. And when Fitzpatrick is called on it, he twists himself into a pretzel and evades the truth.

"As your Congresswoman, it is simple: the interests of Bucks and Montgomery counties will always come first," she said. "The middle-and-working class people of our country will be my priority. And I’ll never swear an oath of loyalty to a President as Fitzpatrick has with Trump. Because you deserve so much better."

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