WASHINGTON CROSSING >> On Sunday, November 1 thousands of Patriots 4 Trump will converge on Washington Crossing from 12 noon to 3 p.m. and cross the bridge in honor of Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Eve during the Revolutionary War.

Supporters are binvited to join with one another while lining the streets in historic Washington Crossing at the intersection of Route 32 and 532. George Washington (re-enactor) will address the crowd at 1 p.m. and other remarks will be made. The group will then cross the Delaware River over the bridge in honor of George Washington and the victorious Revolutionary troops who fought for freedom on the hallowed ground.

"The group will be marching in support of the reelection of President Trump to safeguard the freedoms of our great country just as Washington did during the Revolutionary war," said organizers.

President Trump mentioned Washington Crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Eve during his recent rallies in PA on October 26. "Even the President acknowledges the importance of this historic event and how it aligns with his love of country and our freedoms," organizers said.

Organizers ask supporters to obey all traffic laws and parking regulations of the surrounding community.

For information, visit people4trump.com/patriotscrossing or www.facebook.com/events/366505084588257

Just two weeks ago on October 17, People4Trump organized a Bikers, Cars and Trucks 4 Trump Road Rally that gathered 7,000 vehicles to travel more than 20 miles throughout Bucks County with thousands of supporters lining the streets for over five hours.

"There is a groundswell of support in this Philadelphia suburban county and congressional district for the President and his Republican down ballot that is making its voice heard through these impactful events," organizers said.

People4 Trump, founded in 2016, is dedicated to the reelection of President Trump and is active in organizing opportunities for supporters to volunteer, meet with candidates, network with one another and more. For more information, visit www.People4Trump.com

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