BUCKS COUNTY >> Over the last two months, as everyone has spent more time at home, many have grown to appreciate their surroundings more than ever. Here, in Bucks County, we are lucky that beauty is what sets us apart as a destination.

You can find it easily along our country roads and within our vibrant, riverside main streets. From intricate architecture and blooming tulips to the reflections of sunsets in our lakes and rivers, we are surrounded by inspiring, natural beauty.

We see it daily in our communities - a carefully crafted beer, food picked from our gardens and farms. And in our people - the winemakers, distillers, chefs, artists and historians. Beauty is the fabric of the local Bucks County community and now more than ever we have slowed down just enough to really see it.

Visit Bucks County (VBC) wants to hear from you, our Bucks County locals! Show VBC why, now more than ever, you are grateful ... proud ... thankful ... lucky ... that Bucks County is your home.


1. Take a :10 - :15 second video (cell phones are fine) showing and describing why now more than ever, you are grateful that Bucks County is your home.

2. Email your video to Marketing@VisitBucksCounty.com OR post it to your public social media profile tagging @VisitBucksPA and using #ExploreInBucksCo for a chance to be featured.

Visit Bucks County will be looking for your videos and will be using them to inspire travel to our beautiful destination when the time is right across social media and on VisitBucksCounty.com.

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