The Northampton Township Municipal Building on Township Road.

NORTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP >> The Board of Supervisors on August 26 put its trash hauler, J.P. Mascaro & Sons, on notice that if collection doesn’t improve significantly the township will be forced to take action.

In a unanimous vote, the board authorized its township manager and its solicitor to levy fines and penalties or to declare the company in default of its contract if the situation doesn’t improve in the near future.

The township has contracted with Mascaro since July 27, 2017 to collect the township’s household waste, recyclables and yard waste and to dispose of the materials at facilities designated by the township.

Since the start of the pandemic, Supervisor Eileen Silver said Mascaro “has had difficulty” in fulfilling its contract obligations, routinely missing collected materials from individual properties, entire streets and, in some cases, entire neighborhoods.

As of July 1, the township staff had documented almost 700 missed collections, according to Silver.

“We recognize that the pandemic has had a negative effect on Mascaro, and we have continuously worked with them to address the missed collections and schedule deviations and have refrained, thus far, from assessing fines and penalties, which are outlined in the contract,” said Silver.

But the patience is wearing thin.

While it appears that Mascaro “has made an effort to address these contract deficiencies, the company is still significantly behind on collections and it continues to deviate from the fixed collection schedule required by the contract,” said Silver.

“It’s time to give our solicitor and manager the go ahead on this and to see if we can get it back to normal or if we have to take other action, which I hope we don’t have to do,” said Silver.

“We have to do something,” said Supervisor Dr. Kimberly Rose. “I know the service has been improving and the administration has been receiving less calls, however it’s not up to Mascaro’s normal good standard.”

Rose said residents whose trash or recyclables are not being picked up should call the township at 215-357-6800 or e-mail nhtwp.org. “This way we’ll be able to document your complaint and have it on file.”

In other business at its August 26 meeting, the supervisors awarded bids for traffic signal improvements at three intersections on Second Street Pike and at one intersection on Bustleton Pike.

The township will pay Armor & Sons Electric $129,670 to make improvements to the lights, including the addition of pedestrian countdown signals and push buttons, dilemma zone protection, stop bar presence detection and emergency pre-emption.

With dilemma zone protection, the signal senses vehicles caught between a green and yellow light and provides more time on yellow to prevent rear-end and right angle collisions. Stop bar presence detection detects vehicles stacking at a light with no traffic coming the other way and changes the timing of the light to allow traffic to move. And emergency pre-emption adjusts lights to green for emergency vehicles.

The township received a state ARLE (Automated Red Light Enforcement) grant for $137,000 to pay for the project. The township match is $19,450. The grant was awarded from fines the state collects from Red Light traffic violations from 30 intersections in Philadelphia.

In other action, the supervisors unanimously approved a planning module for My Salon Suite, a new business opening soon at the Crossroads Village Shopping Center

in Richboro next to the Dollar Tree and Tru Value Hardware stores.

The national chain, which operates similarly to a cooperative, will feature individual beauty professionals, which located in one and two chair salon and spa suites with sliding glass doors for privacy, high-end fixtures, amenities, luxury furnishings, 24-7 security and Wi-Fi.

“Glad to see another business is opening in Richboro,” said Supervisor Barry Moore.

According to its website, My Salon Suite “brings beauty professionals together, across a wide variety of specialties, providing space to be yourself, build your business and benefit from a creative community.

Alan DíAlessandro and Al Ferrigno , the founders of My Salon Suite, wanted more from the salon industry than just a space to run their business. They wanted to build a community and to share that freedom with their fellow entrepreneurs.

Years later, Uncle Al, his niece Alanna, and her husband Ken, built the first “My Salon” Suite in New Orleans, Louisiana. It quickly blossomed into a second, then a third and now over 100 locations across North America.

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