NEWTOWN BOROUGH >> A 63 year old Newtown man faces charges following an incident on Monday, June 1 in the area of the Starbucks at 100 South State Street.

Following an investigation, police have charged Vincent Lewis with harassment and criminal mischief.

The incident reportedly involved a female allegedly being assaulted while hanging up posters referencing the death of George Floyd.

Newtown Borough police were called to the scene for the report of disorderly persons in the area. Additional units from surrounding jurisdictions also responded and provided scene safety for citizens.

While at the scene, Newtown Borough officers positively identified all parties involved. Officers collected video evidence, took steps to secure evidence, identified witnesses and gathered contact information. The scene was cleared without further incident.

On June 2, police conducted in person interviews with witnesses and further information was obtained from the victim.

To clarify questions posted on social media, police said a warrantless custodial arrest was not permitted under Pennsylvania statue given the fact that the events did not rise to the level of a felony.

The facts of the case, along with the video, were reviewed by the Bucks County District Attorney and there was a consensus that the most appropriate charges given the facts of the incident are harassment for making contact with the victim and criminal mischief for causing damage to a phone when it was knocked from the victim’s hands. Each charge carries a maximum fine of $300 and the Commonwealth will be seeking restitution to be paid to the victim for the repair of her phone.

On June 3, police filed harassment and criminal mischief charges against Lewis.

“The Newtown Borough Police Department does its best to support and protect every citizen’s constitutional rights,” said a statement from the department. “During these tough times our community needs to come together and support every citizen’s inalienable rights under the Constitution.

“The Newtown Borough Police Department is appalled by the actions of the people responsible for the death of George Floyd,” the statement continues. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Floyd family.”

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