NEWTOWN >> The Halloween season has officially arrived in Newtown.

From Goodnoe Corner to Blue Mercury, teams of volunteer painters on Saturday morning worked their October magic, transforming store windows throughout the business district into ghostly Halloween scenes.

It was all in preparation for the big Halloween weekend, which arrives in town on Saturday, October 26 with the annual Newtown Halloween Parade.

The parade will step off at 10 a.m. from the Stocking Works on South State Street. It will then march north on State Street, making a turn onto Greene Street and then onto North Congress where it will conclude at Brian Gregg Park with music, costume awards and plenty of fun.

Throughout the morning, individuals, families and groups painted the town with pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, witches and even a scene.

At Starbucks, the Lumma and Freeman families from Newtown Township were again working their artistic magic on the windows facing Centre Avenue.

Greg Lumma was painting a skeleton drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee, meticulously creating the window centerpiece.

“The coffee is going to be going right down through him,” explains Vince Freeman, who came up with the concept.

Their kids added a grim reaper and other Halloween images to complete the window scene.

“I love it. It’s so much fun. And it’s so great seeing everybody. You get to see neighbors and friends. People come out with their babies. There’s an energy on the street. It’s just the perfect fall event,” said Kim Freeman.

Just down the street at the Newtown Hardware House, Kevin McCormick of Newtown Borough was re-creating the logo of the Grateful Dead, while Nicole Toto was bringing Beetlejuice to life on the front windows at Blue Mercury.

Toto, who re-created the blood-thirsty clown from the movie, “It,” a few years ago at Countryside Gallery, is calling this year’s window creation, “It’s Showtime.”

During this year’s Paint the Town event, 47 participants decorated windows at more than 30 stores and businesses throughout the State Street and Sycamore Street business districts.

“The windows are great. The people are great. And the weather couldn’t be better,” said Harry Betz of the Newtown Bike Shop, who organized Paint the Town with volunteer Linda Difiore. “And the creativity is off the hook,” he said. “It’s amazing that people have such creative minds. It’s good to see the people come out. It brings an excitement to the street.”

Speaking of creativity, members of Goodnoe Elementary School’s Sixth Grade Art Club were creating a scary cemetery scene over at Issac Newton’s.

Under the direction of art teacher Michael Catalano, the club has been taking part in the “Paint the Town” activity for a number of years now.

Meanwhile, up on State Street at the Coffee Room, artist Michael Brady was painting a series of frightening “zombie” images.

“I was thinking that this is what you might look like in the morning before you get your coffee - a zombie,” laughed Brady.

Last year he and his daughter teamed up to create a skeleton smoking a cigar on the front windows at Ned’s Cigar store just across the street.

Right next door, Carol and her daughter Madelyn Adamusko were filling the windows as Blossoms with Halloween images including pumpkins, a black cat silhouetted by the moon, a witch with green legs and a Puppy Pound Ghoul.

They have taken part in the window painting event for the past four years. “We love it,” said Carol. “Every year we’re here painting.”

Just a few windows down at David Witchell’s, Hannah Knapp of Newtown Township was working on a skeleton lady.

“This is the first time I’m showing my art to people,” said Knapp who has never shown her art publicly before. “Typically I’m pretty secretive about my art because it’s personal to me.”

Just down the street, painter Diane Wong of Newtown was attracting a lot of attention with her Disney-themed Halloween window at the Zebra-Striped Whale.

Her window features Mickey Mouse sitting atop of a pumpkin. She’s calling it, “I scream for ZSW.”

This was Wong’s first time taking part in the decorating contest.

“I’ve been here for 10 years and I never knew about it. I saw it and I thought, ‘Looks like fun,’” she said.

Winners of this year’s contest will be announced at the conclusion of the town’s Halloween Parade.

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