NEWTOWN BOROUGH >> The pandemic may have forced the cancellation of this year’s State Street Halloween Parade, but it couldn’t deter the spirit of the season.

In lieu of a parade, the borough’s recreation board held a virtual costume contest encouraging residents to post their best costumes on FaceBook leading up to and including Halloween.

And post they did.

The recreation board received more than 50 entries from the community. And the creativity was once again off the charts, which is typical for a Newtown Halloween.

Among them was a gumball machine, a box of Mac and Cheese, five little ducks, a Swat Team, the Mask, No Face, a fortune teller, Elf on the Shelf, among many others.

One youngster even dressed up as “A Million Bucks.”

Here are the winners:

Best Homemade Costume >> 1. Payton (Gumball Machine), 2. Keira P. (Mac and Cheese) and 3. Liam Katz (Kiss).

Group Theme >> 1. Noah, Jonah and Xavier (Swat team), 2. Megan Kallie (SpaceX) and 3. Christian, Graham and Jude (Storm Troopers).

Halloween Horror >> 1. Twins Levi and Roan (Stephen King’s IT), 2. Erin Stone (No Face) and 3. Adriana (Plants vs Zombies)

Halloween Humor >> 1. Brynn Rodgers (Karen meme), 2. Chase Caudill (A Million Bucks) and 3. Mya (Cowgirl).

Pampered Pets >> 1. Gabrielle Kalihman (Alya the Mexican Tequila dog), 2. Zilla the Bearded Dragon Shark and 3. Oliver (Tootsie Roll).

Parent & Child >> 1. Katie Jeanne (5 Little Ducks)

Storybook and Fantasy >> 1. Charlie Bertucci (Elf on the Shelf), 2. Ava Sophie (Fortune Teller) and 3. Molly and Joel (Beauty and the Beast).

TV And Movies >> 1. Camila and Alessia (Clueless), 2. Jaxon (The Mask) and 3. Heidi Wilson (Johnny and Ali from Karate Kid)

Mayor's Prize >> Lilly Hayes (Black Cat)

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