NEWTOWN >> The residents of Newtown Borough and parts of Newtown Township woke up to a patriotic, flag-waving social distancing parade on Saturday morning.

Escorted by Utility 45 from the Newtown Fire Association, a caravan of about 20 cars rolled down State Street and Washington Avenue in oNewtown and parts of Newtown Township in a show of patriotism on the nation’s birthday.

The impromptu parade was organized by residents Paul Salvatore, John Burke and Bernie Sauers who reached out to friends and neighbors with an invitation to participate.

“With social distancing happening and parades and fireworks being canceled, we felt we needed to have something,” said Salvatore. “So we decided to have a rally for the flag. It started with word of mouth between John, Bernie and myself. Before we knew it we had 20 some cars lined up,” he said.

“The whole idea is to show support for our flag and for our nation,” added Salvatore, who borrowed the idea from Council Rock, which celebrated its graduates this year with car parades.

“This is how we can show our appreciation for this great country,” said Salvatore. “And we’re just proud to be able to do it.”

Among the parade participants were motorcyclists Gerry Couch and his wife. Also joining the parade was Charlie Adcock who waved a large American flag through the air from atop one of the vehicle. A few cars back was Gianni Luca showing his patriotism with a pair of smaller flags. Veteran Skip Scarborough also joined the parade with his 1966 original black Ford Mustang sedan. Even Rosie, a dog owned Aurora Clark, was showing her Fourth of July spirit poking her head out of a car window decorated with red, white and blue bunting.

“This is the greatest land in the world,” said Salvatore. “This country was formed by a group of patriots who took a chance and risked everything. They signed their lives away. Some lost their fortunes on an experiment. And that experiment continues today.

“We are not a perfect country. We’ve had issues,” he continued. “But we managed to come together as Americans to solve those problems. There’s more that binds us than divides us,” he said.

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