FRAUD >> At approximately 9:05 am on Jan. 24 a Newtown Township resident reported that he was a victim of a fraud. The victim explained that he received a phone call from a man who identified himself as a public defender. The caller claimed that the victim’s grandson was arrested in North Carolina for a DUI accident and requested money to bail him out of prison. The victim mailed the fraudulent public defender $9,600 for his grandson’s bail and was then told that a female involved in the crash lost her baby in the accident, increasing the bail amount. The victim was instructed to send $18,000 more. Police were able to get the victim his money back, and an investigation is ongoing.

COUNTERFEIT MONEY >> Around 7 pm on Jan. 25 three individuals went into the McCaffrey's Food Market and presented a $100 bill for a purchase. The bill was later found to be counterfeit currency. Another retailer in the area also reported that the men had attempted to pass a counterfeit bill there as well, but its use was prevented by store employees. The investigation is ongoing.

ARREST >> At 7:45 pm on Jan. 26 police conducted a traffic stop on the operator of a black Jeep Wrangler for committing a vehicle code violation. The operator, Jonathan Minter, 33, of Yardley, was determined to be a wanted person with an active warrant out of Bucks County for Receiving Stolen Property and traffic offenses. Minter was taken into custody and was transferred into the Sheriff’s custody without incident.

THEFT >> At approximately 9:15 a.m. on Jan. 27 a Newtown Township resident responded to headquarters to report the theft of her Apple iPhone. The victim believes that this occurred at the Newtown Post Office when she left her phone on the counter. An investigation is ongoing.

CiTED >> Shortly after 11 pm on Jan. 27 police conducted a traffic stop on the operator of a black 2005 Mercedes-Benz for committing a vehicle code violation. As a result of the stop, a small amount of suspected marijuana was seized from the vehicle as evidence, and the operator was issued citations.

FRAUD >> A Newtown Township resident contacted police to report a fraud at 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 28. He reported that he has an American Airlines account and that several people he does not know fraudulently used 275,000 of his air miles, valued at $8,112.50, to travel to various destinations. American Airlines was notified in regards to this fraud, and an investigation is ongoing.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON >> Around 5 pm on Jan. 28 police responded to the area of Pheasant Run for the report of a suspicious female hiding in the bushes. Police searched the area with negative contact.

RETAIL THEFT >> At approximately 6:15 pm on Jan. 28 police responded to Acme Market for the report of a woman who was caught committing retail theft. The woman had paid for the items in her cart but did not pay for the eye drops, valued at $15.71, which she had placed in her purse. The woman was cooperative and was advised that she is no longer allowed to shop at Acme Markets.

NOISE >> Just before 4:45 am on Jan. 29 police were dispatched for a noise complaint in the area of Wrights Road. It was reported that a car alarm had been sounding for two hours. Police checked the area, and the car alarm was no longer sounding.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON >> Police were dispatched to the area of Mahogany Walk for the report of a suspicious person at 10 pm on Jan. 29 Upon arrival, police spoke with Christopher Milosky, 35, of Philadelphia. It was determined that Milosky was wanted on an active warrant out of Philadelphia. He was taken into custody and transferred to Bucks County Prison.

SCAM >> TD Bank located on West Road contacted police on Jan. 30 to report that one of its customers was getting scammed. Police responded and met with the costumer who explained that she had received a call from someone who claimed that a rental car in the customer’s name was found in Texas with drugs in it. The caller instructed her to go to the bank and get her bank account number, or she would be jailed. Police advised that this is a known scam.

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