Parx Casino in Bensalem.

BUCKS COUNTY >> The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks has awarded $3.9 million in grants from funds generated by the gaming facility at Parx Casino in Bensalem Township.

The Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors approved the grants to eligible municipalities at a public meeting held on December 13 at the Redevelopment Authority’s office in Bristol Borough.

The grants will be used for a variety of municipal projects that include infrastructure improvements, municipal upgrades, human services, emergency services and equipment for law enforcement and firefighters.

“The Redevelopment Authority is proud to support these types of projects that address gaming’s impact on our region. I would like to commend Senator Tomlinson for his leadership when drafting the gaming legislation and for introducing language that made key changes to the law in 2017. His vision has resulted in tens of millions of dollars being used locally to address gaming’s impact on our region,” said Sean Schafer, Chairman of the Redevelopment Authority.

Prior to the reenactment and amendment of the gaming law in 2017, only the municipalities contiguous to the Bensalem gaming facility as well as the county and Bensalem Township were eligible for grants.

Senator Tomlinson introduced language that authorized those municipalities wholly within a contiguous municipality to be eligible for grant funds.

Schafer added, “Applications presented by the municipalities represented a wide range of projects. Each year the Redevelopment Authority board and staff spend many hours reviewing the applications before the final decision is made. I am pleased that we can help these communities to address infrastructure needs, improve the quality of life for families, and make our Lower Bucks County community safe," said Schafer.

Jeff Darwak, Executive Director of the Redevelopment Authority, noted over $6 million in application requests were received. He said, “This year we saw, and were able to support, a lot of projects that involved collaboration amongst multiple jurisdictions. It is great to see municipalities building partnerships through this program. These projects will address gaming impacts and alleviate some of the financial burden from the taxpayers in the impacted communities.”

Since the inception of the Municipal Grant Program in 2008, the Redevelopment Authority has awarded over $45 million for eligible projects. The municipal grant application process is administered by the Redevelopment Authority and offered along with application guidance to each of the eligible municipalities.

The following a list of the grants awarded on December 13 by the Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors.

- Towns Against Graffiti (TAG) - Partnership of nine municipalities for graffiti removal: $165,000.

- Bensalem Emergency Responder Radio Replacement: $153,327.71

- Bensalem Township Fire/EMS Upgrades: $70,000.

- YWCA Family Center Support Center: $60,000.

- Bucks County Rescue Squad Ambulance Acquisition: $133,702.

- Bristol Borough Police Patrol Vehicle Acquisition: $51,322.

- Bristol Borough Volunteer Fire Stations Vehicle Exhaust Systems: $120,278.

- Bristol Borough Pedestrian Traffic Signal Upgrades: $109,000.

- Bristol Township Traffic Signal Improvements: $124,000.

- Bristol Township Battery Backups for Traffic Signals: $96,625.

- Bristol Township Municipal Complex Expansion Project: $18,729.

- Bristol Township Police Portable Wheel Loading Devices: $49,950.

- Bristol Township Police AED Devices: $30,000.

- Bristol Township Traffic Calming Devices: $17,060.

- Bristol Township Emergency Management Firefighting Equipment: $15,925.

- Bucks County Rescue Squad Equipment Acquisition: $20,000.

- Levittown-Fairless Hills Rescue Squad Exhaust Capture System: $20,000.

- Edgely Fire Company Air Bag Equipment: $20,000.

- Levittown Fire Company #2 Air Bag Equipment: $20,000.

- Croydon Fire Company Turnout Gear: $20,000.

- Third District Fire Company Equipment: $15,817.

- Lower Bucks County Public Safety Training Center: $600,000.

- Bucks County Police Chiefs Association Police Records Management System: $100,000.

- Hulmeville Borough Parking Lot Improvements: $16,350.

- Hulmeville Borough Police and Emergency Management Equipment: $46,125.

- Peace Valley Holistic Center Work Program Facility: $50,000.

- Lower Bucks County Vietnam Veterans Memorial: $50,000.

- Langhorne Borough Police Department Vehicle Acquisition: $56,763.

- Langhorne Borough Public Works Vehicle Acquisition: $36,637.

- Langhorne Borough Hall Backup Generator: $12,950.

- Langhorne Borough Police Safety Equipment: $18,120.

- Langhorne Borough Traffic Camera Installation: $49,804.

- Langhorne Borough License Plate Recognition Camera: $14,025.

- Langhorne Borough Traffic Calming Devices: $7,280.

- Langhorne Borough SCBA Replacement for Langhorne-Middletown Fire Company:


- Langhorne Manor Borough Road Improvements: $200,000.

- Langhorne Manor Borough Public Works Vehicle: $31,000.

- Langhorne Manor Borough SCBA Replacement for Langhorne-Middletown Fire Company: $40,000.

- Lower Southampton Road Improvements: $250,000.

- Lower Southampton Public Works Vehicle: $85,179.

- Lower Southampton Police Vehicle and Camera System: $143,190.

- Lower Southampton Fire Department Equipment: $12,177.

- Tri-Hampton Rescue Squad Radios: $24,971.

- Middletown Township Police Department Vehicles: $238,593.

- Middletown Township Public Works Vehicles: $101,928.

- Middletown Township Heart Monitors for Penndel-Middletown Emergency Squad:


- Middletown Township SCBA Replacement for Langhorne-Middletown Fire Company:


- Penndel Borough Police Safety Equipment: $23,574.

- Penndel Borough Municipal Complex Improvements: $67,648.

- Penndel Volunteer Fire Company Facility Improvements: $35,000.

- Penndel Volunteer Fire Company Rescue Equipment: $70,000.

- Penndel Borough Heart Monitor for Penndel-Middletown Emergency Squad: $35,000.

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