Delaware Avenue

The Delaware River inundates Delaware Avenue just north of the Yardley Inn. This was the scene at 6 p.m. on Wednesday looking north with the Delaware River on the right.

YARDLEY BOROUGH >> The Delaware River is now forecast to crest at 20.8 feet at Trenton early Friday morning, two feet lower than what had originally been forecast.

As heavy rain pummeled the region on Wednesday, the river rose to 20.7 feet before receding to 19.2 feet by Wednesday morning. Since then it has been rising by the hour and had originally been forecast to crest at 22.4 feet sometime between midnight and 2 a.m.

Borough residents and motorists can expect Delaware Avenue to remain closed until the water recedes and the roadway can be cleared of debris, but flooding is expected to be minor in nature in the low-lying Rivermawr neighborhood located just to the north of the Yardley Inn.

On Wednesday, as heavy rain pummeled the region, Yardley Borough strongly suggested that residents living in the Flats and Rivermawr evacuate their homes. The flash flooding had caused the Delaware Canal to spill over its banks in several spots despite the fact the locks were wide open.

Police reported no injuries and no major property damage as a result of the flooding.

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