BRISTOL BOROUGH >> Fact! Life as America knew it has abruptly changed.

Under the guidance of the Department of Health [DOH], using his authority under the state’s COVID-19 disaster declaration order, Governor Thomas W. Wolf ordered all restaurants and bars to close their dine-in facilities at 12:01 AM on Monday, March 1, 2019 to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Health and wellness is concern #1.

So, you have plenty of #Zoom meetings going on to keep you connected?

Why not add some REAL meals to your virtual meetings?

Business as usual, albeit modified! Nothing short of a miracle.

Carry-out, delivery, and curbside food and beverage services continue.

Keep it local. Support your local businesses in Bristol.

Small businesses have to make tough decisions and every decision impacts them in a BIG way.

The restaurant industry has already been deeply affected.

Don't worry about going to the grocery store ... local eateries will do the cooking for you in a safe, clean environment. Food on the run can be REALLY delicious. Some locations even have daily flavor alerts.

Restaurateurs all wish they were celebrating this nice weather with a restaurant and patio full of customers. The chairs and benches in the spacious, phenomenal quaint Bristol Borough riverfront town eating establishments may be empty, but the owners’ goals are to still keep their loyal customers full.

One of the best ways to help local restaurants these days with their much needed resources is to buy a gift card. During these challenging times of Covid-19, gift card purchases are a tremendous help.

The “Kick-STAYER” campaign is full speed ahead.

Buy a gift card now, so that you can enjoy it later!

Flexibility has been key. Planning is basically impossible in a ‘figuring-it-out-as-they-go’ boat while constantly making updates. But it's not all bad. They have switched gears.

Many of the local edgy little food haunts are starting to get into a rhythm with their new days and adjusted hours of operation. They are using their existing infrastructure, but quickly changing the way they pick, pack, and process. Plans were just put on pause by what is now their new reality.

- Angelina’s Bake Shop >> Open daily Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 312 Mill Street, Bristol Borough 19007 215.458.7931. Easy call ahead curbside service is available.

Rumor has it that fruit topped thick cut French toast is the sweetest way to start any day.

Angela and Sergio offer both #Curbside and #Takeaway services for their favorite sweets or one of their many lunch options. Hey! Birthdays are still happening, so let them eat cake.

You’ll never eat one of their amazing doughnuts and not find it heavenly. DOZEN that sound good?

Their advice for all is, "STAY SAFE & STAY SWEET!"

- Annabella's Italian Restaurant >> Curbside pickup, calls starting at 11 a.m. 119 Radcliffe Street, Bristol Borough, PA 19007 215.788.2929

Open for lunch orders and family dinners as well as individual orders of Linguini and Clams or Mussels, Pasta with Meatballs or sausage and of course, their world famous Vodka Rigatoni!

Sandwiches are available all day. Decisions... decisions!

“We’re very humbled and grateful for the support we’ve received and it has been more than I expected. We had to reinvent ourselves and it’s very different for me. We’re working on a 'pop-up' Italian Market with staples as well as dinner," explained owner Bob Angelaccio. “We’re a takeout business now.”

- Calm Waters Coffee >> Takeout, and/or ordering bags of specialty coffee, curbside pickup. 242 Mill Street, Bristol Borough, PA 215.781.6286. 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily

Andrew Dittman and his team are overwhelmed by your support!

Accolades galore are expressed for their espresso, along with their delectable pastries and brewed to perfection fresh roasted coffee.

Everyone is working together. Bakery items, milk and other products are provided by fellow local businesses to help them keep their doors open.

Andrew continues to deliver bags of coffee.

NEW ROAST ALERT: If you are a Bristol Borough resident, feel free to use the Calm Waters’ promo code ‘BRISTOLCOFFEE’ for FREE delivery of any bag, or bags of coffee.

Not a coffee drinker? Order some to treat your homebound family and friends! It could very well be the highlight of their day.

“Food orders are prepared as we receive them, unless a later pickup is requested.”

Full menu and bakery items are available. Online ordering with curbside pickup is set up through their website.

- Cesare’s Italian Specialties Ristorante >> Takeout/curbside pickup, 1407 Radcliffe Street, Bristol Borough, PA 19007 215.788.3831

Donnie Petolillo’s full Italian menu is always available and all dinners include garden salad and Italian bread. People have always been talking about the milk fed veal, along with imported and homemade pasta, fresh cavatelli pasta, heartwarming pasta fagioli soup, and the incredible Italian grilled cheese sandwiches. But this local favorite is still best known in all of Lower Bucks County for its pizza.

Don’t worry. Eat pizza. Be happy.

“I’m doing the same thing I always did regardless of this virus. I’m a strong, positive guy. My customers dictate what I do. It’s all about the customers. We’re being very creative. My customers have always been here for me and we’re here for them. We haven’t missed a beat!”

View their full menu on Cesare’s website.

- Healthy Plate Meal Preps, LLC & Smoothie Bar >> Open for carryout and delivery. 247 Mill St #Front B, Bristol Borough 19007 215.458.8725

Healthy Plate is open on Sundays and Mondays for meal pickups, deliveries and smoothies. Sunday 1 to 6 p.m. and Monday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Owners Matthew and Michelle Howard’s goal is still to provide their customers with nutritious, healthy option meals while promoting a healthier lifestyle. And did someone say DELICIOUS?

“We are truly grateful and we know we will get through this! This is a safe place to patronize and we're going above and beyond while maintaining compliance. We have been blessed with the opportunity to make food donations to different organizations in the last few weeks.”

Orders can be placed on their full menu website.

Deadline is Thursday by 8:00PM for Sunday or Monday pickup/or delivery.

Deliveries are made on Sunday only.

For curbside pickup, please pre-pay for your meals and upon arrival, just call and your meals will be brought out to you.

- Itri Wood Fired >> Wednesday through Sunday. DoorDash or request curbside for pickup. 310 Mill Street, Bristol Borough, PA 215.458.8419


Owner Greg Pezza and his crew are offering some new menu items as they re-invent their list of options and to a degree themselves. “We’re reinventing ourselves on the fly. Proud of this crew!”

Fan favorites have always been their specialty brick oven and classic cheese pizzas, cheese steaks, and their sausage and broccoli rabe. A nice selection of take out beer is available. “Bristol is cared for!”

Kids are NOT forgotten. “We have fries!” Chicken nuggets with fries for your little nuggets.

“This community and our loyal Itri customers from in and out of town are absolutely the best. They have been so supportive of us, and more importantly in this time, our staff. Priority #1 for everyone: take care of your health and wellness and your community.”

Purchase a $100 gift card online, get a growler for FREE, filled with a draught beer of your choice! More info:

No one knows precisely how to manage a pandemic.

Historic Bristol on the Delaware’s response has actually been FIRST-class.

THANK YOU from the bottom of their hearts to all of their customers.

It’s cool that people are so compassionate.

“We CAN do this thing together!”

They are all working diligently and enthusiastically looking forward to a GREEN LIGHT for re-opening and seeing their loyal customers dining- in again soon. But for now, Buy Now, Use Later!

Buy a gift card now, use it later and provide your favorite businesses with much needed resources to manage through this challenging time.

You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach!

Stay happy and healthy and take care of your loved ones.

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