Bristol Mural

BRISTOL BOROUGH >>Penn Community Bank has announced the official unveiling and dedication of a new mural at its Bristol Branch office.

The mural, painted on the back wall of the bank and overlooking the Mill Street parking lot, is a part of a public art program supported by Raising the Bar, a Bristol-based non-profit supporting economic elevating Bristol Borough as a wonderful place to visit, live or start a business.

“As a community-first institution with deep roots in the Bristol community, Penn Community Bank is thrilled to partner with Raising the Bar and host this amazing new art installation,” said Jeane M. Vidoni, president and CEO of Penn Community Bank. “We’re proud to truly be a part of the communities we serve and are committed to meeting the financial and civic needs to individuals and families across the region.”

“Bristol Borough is a special place to live, work, and raise a family. We’re proud to partner with Penn Community Bank, a longtime part of our community, to provide this new mural,” said Bill Pezza of Bristol Borough: Raising the Bar. “We have long championed the value of public art. We’re thrilled that Penn Community Bank has come forward from the private sector to lead by example by sponsoring this project. We’re confident it will have a ripple effect.”

The mural, created by Jean Marc Dubus of Dubus Studio in Bristol, features images of Bristol Borough from yesterday and today, including the Grundy Mill and clock tower, a modern day Mill Street scene, the Bristol Wharf, the statue of famed abolitionist Harriet Tubman overlooking the nearby waterfront, the Bristol Borough Hall, a tall ship docked at the Bristol Boat Dock and a historic view of Mill Street.

“The goal of the Bristol Borough mural program is to raise awareness and to promote Bristol Borough as a destination to enjoy shopping, dining, the arts, special events, historic preservation, natural resources. We are building on something positive,” said muralist Jean-Marc Dubus of Dubus Studio.

Dubus has also painted a number of other murals in town as part of the project, including at Odd Logic on Radcliffe Street across from the King George II Inn and the "O’Boyles Ice Cream" and "Settled by the Worlds People" murals at the entrance to Bristol on Old Route 13.

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