“I believe that good stories, in particular fiction, are a way to present positive messages of hope, love and transformation, and at the same time entertain. My new book just released by Amazon does, I believe, just that. It is one of my shortest stories with a powerful underlining message that life is not all about you!” - Bucks County author Joe Ruggiero

COVID-19 has increased bouts of loneliness and isolation but pure kindness can be an effective vaccine.

Giving kindness isn’t a sound bite or a slogan. It works.

Wow! Bristol Township resident, author Joe Ruggiero’s newest book couldn’t be more timely.

Set in a small riverside town in Pennsylvania, the story centers around a Franciscan friar, Brother Bonnie, a man of profound faith who is determined to overcome the conflicts that arise.

Dr. Joseph Francis Ruggiero’s “Brother Bonnie” is available on Amazon, via Kindle, or in paperback.

Doc Ruggiero’s style of presentation remains short chapters while his writing technique is quite simplistic with his goals to uplift, inspire, entertain the soul, and bring about a change of values.

This catchy, crisp story is quick moving and the very interesting transitions are clear and concise.

His birthstone, the sapphire is used for clear thinking.

This tale is inspirational without being preachy, and it spares the reader long sermons and needless finger pointing. He firmly believes that fiction can be a significant source of inspiration and catharsis.

“Fiction doesn’t preach, it entertains, and you can deliver powerful messages in fiction.”

He is rather adept at letting his characters tell the story.

Joe Ruggiero, an easygoing and soft-spoken man, is the only child of the late John and Marie Ruggiero, born and raised in South Philadelphia, a fact that adds first person credibility to his interesting short novels.

In his youth, he studied to be an Augustinian father and later he made a permanent commitment to the gospel life as a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. He and his wife Bernadette have five children and nine grandchildren.

In this most recent book, his main character, Brother Bonnie, works with the poor, the marginal of society, in the business section of a small town, “resolving conflicts one cup at a time”. His life becomes rather complicated when he reaches out to help a young man who has been accused of murder.

Lesson learned: Be there in time of need! It is most important at that time.

His message is unwritten. Life is not only about you. Sacrifice for others is important.

His message goes back to living and doing for others. There’s always an opportunity to make a change!

Joseph Ruggiero's life has had many layers: psychotherapist, successful author, producer, filmmaker, and even TV/radio celebrity.

Dr. Ruggiero is the retired CEO and founder of Self Help Movement Inc., an inpatient treatment and recovery Alcohol & Drug Abuse center in Northeast Philadelphia.

“We are here to do for other people. Even enemies might need us at some time!”

Bet you can’t wait to turn the page! It’s full of hope, love, and even some humor.

“It’s a prayer to me when I write," he said. "I feel like the spirit led me to write this. I hope you read this book during this blessed season.”

The beloved 1946 American Christmas fantasy drama film “It's a Wonderful Life”, one of the most popular and heartwarming films ever made by director Frank Capra, is Dr. Joe’s choice of best movie.

It was based on “The Greatest Gift”, written by Philip Van Doren Stern in November 1939.

In 1990, the film was designated as "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant" and added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

The film is chock full of valuable life lessons that remind viewers of the importance of family and friends and putting things in perspective.

Doc himself has touched so many people in such positive ways. His life has truly been a wonderful one! He feels that now that we are missing something in today’s society, this movie is even more important than ever. Everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere fast. Family values are not the same as they once were. Family influenced society. Now it’s society influencing the family.

“My prayer is that we care for each other even more in the New Year; my hope is one filled with peace and love," he said.

Wait! Did you hear a bell on the Christmas tree ring?

Purchase “Brother Bonnie” today in EBook or Paperback Format.

Let ‘em unwrap a good read! Books make a perfect gift for the present.



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1. Moral or ethical strength.

2. A description of a person's attributes, traits, or abilities.

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