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Cafés and diners are as essential to our cherished way of life, the American culinary experience, our valued democracy, and our potent sense of community, as any other American institution that we have right now. The best cafés and diners are those that are seemingly divorced from time; proof that quite often, the best way to embrace change and to endure is refusing to change at all.

These quintessentially American restaurants have been a part of USA life for almost a century and a half, beginning as walk-up food establishments, a tad more sophisticated than street vendors.

They have become a vitally important part of our culture; the greatest bastions of civility and service available to all economic strata in this country.

Vincent “Vinnie” and his wife, Robin Lee [Vickers] DeMarco have owned the Radcliffe Café on Radcliffe Street in historic Bristol on the Delaware for the last 29 years. They purchased the former Café Amato from the previous owner, Tony Amato in September 1991.

Vinnie’s goal has always been to train his employees to give fast and friendly service, offering the same warm and sassy welcome to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or ethnicity, treating all guests with equal dignity and respect, while providing good food at a great price.

All guests come in to have their breakfast and lunch, in a down to earth, fast and efficient way.

The Radcliffe Café was awarded “Best of Bucks” Breakfasts by the Bucks County Courier Times each year from 2014 through 2018, that’s five years in a row!

The Radcliffe Café is a space where all can gather, besides home and work, to form real and not just virtual communities, while staying viscerally connected with other folks.

Reviews and posted comments regarding the exemplary sandwiches and textbook café burgers presented on Kaiser or pretzel rolls, croissants and brioche rolls, and the best in class breakfast and brunch staples highlighting the fluffy and light pancakes with those all-important crispy edges say it all:

"Hidden gem and a diamond in the rough!"

"Small town diner with great food and people"

“One of Bristol’s best kept secrets. I’ve been coming to this café since 2004 and they have it nailed down here. Quick simple breakfasts. Just like it ought to be. Nothing fancy but that’s the beauty of it all.”

Breakfast and lunch specials and delicious muffins keep everyone coming back for more.

Vinnie’s son/ assistant/ cook, Kenneth Joseph “Kenny” creates the elaborate specials like strawberry French toast with strawberry whipped cream, strawberry cheesecake French toast, and the quite delectable peach waffles and pumpkin pancakes.

They don’t advertise “cuisine by Chef Kenny”, but the regulars do know who the cook is!

Vinnie and Robin have two more sons. Michael Vincent “Mike” is employed by Merrill Lynch, Inc., and Nicholas Justin “Nick” works at an employment service agency, but Nick too worked at the Radcliffe Café along with his family during the summers while he was a Neshaminy HS student.

Try their signature offerings! The “Bristol Stomp” is powdered-sugar-dusted French toast with breakfast meat and eggs. P.S. Rumor has it that the “Bristol Stomp” is a good-to-go option.

Or enjoy a “Bristol Blitz”, a cream cheese omelet with bacon and chives.

Their food tastes like a little slice of Americana.

Radcliffe Café was closed for almost 2 months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For most restaurants in America, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times as they remained open in some capacity to sustain themselves.

Vinnie has currently been providing takeout [call-in orders are ready in 15 minutes], as well as delivery service within 8 miles. Nancy Martin Pappadakis kindly volunteered to make the deliveries.

But the delivery option will most likely be suspended after this Friday, June 19th, as Vinnie remains hopeful for the go-ahead to resume serving patrons in-house. He eagerly awaits the official nod.

Unfortunately, the restaurant owners will be working with no shortage of limitations, one of which is re-opening at limited capacity.

Vinnie continues to go above and beyond, so the loyal Radcliffe Café customers may just opt to dine outside. There will still be limited outdoor seating with tables and umbrellas provided.

His responsibility is to feed people!

Community is significantly important to Vinnie DeMarco and his family.

The Radcliffe Café t-shirts are created by Anne’s Great IDs on Radcliffe Street. A local Borough baseball team and the Bristol Christmas Parade benefit from his sponsorships, and BCHF extends sincere gratitude to the Demarco family for donating the Car Show trophies.

Vinnie orders scrumptious cakes for celebrations from the local Angelina’s Bake Shop on Mill Street.

Commemorate Father’s Day at the Radcliffe Café with sausage, biscuits, and gravy for $8.75.

Quality, Consistency, and Excellence are, and always will be the foundation of Vinnie’s business model.

Mention this “Spotlight” article and receive a FREE small coffee.

Radcliffe Café is closed on Monday. Hours are Tuesday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cafe is located at 1705 Radcliffe Street, Bristol 19007. INFO: 215-781-0111

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